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Transport from the airport to Prague city centre

Hello, I'm planning our trip to the Prague. What's the best way to get from PRG airport to the city centre (Park Inn Hotel)? Someone recommended Hoppa - has anyone used them? Or should we just get a taxi - are taxis reliable?
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  • Hi, Mathieu.

    Despite there being no direct train to Prague's city centre, you have quite a few options at your disposal. Which one you take depends largely on two factors: the time you arrive at PRG and and your budget.

    The last bus from the airport leaves at 11.40pm, so if you arrive at 11pm you will likely have to take a cab of some kind. Prague has its fair share of cab scams and this has been a problem in the past, so make sure you only take a registered cab (this will have a fixed "taxi" sign on the roof, in yellow, as well as a registration number and driver name printed on the car). The price for a regular cab from the airport will be about EUR 25 - make sure you agree on an estimate beforehand and that the meter is switched on.

    Your next option is Uber. UberPop to Park Inn will cost about EUR 12. Do you have a lot of baggage? How much space do you need/how many people are you travelling with?

    Hoppa is fairly reliable and it has three main options: a shared shuttle (from EUR 17), private car (starting at EUR 46.25), a luxury private car (from EUR 56.83).

    Lastly, the best public bus to take, before the cut-off time I mentioned earlier, is 119 Bus, which you must take to Nádraží Veleslavín. From there you take a short walk to Depo Hostivař metro station and board the A line to Můstak where you will walk to Václavské náměstí and catch a tram to Albertov tram. Once you arrive, it's only a 200m walk to Park Inn hotel. This trip should take you about an hour.

    Let me know if this helps? Which route will you end up taking? Also, what are your plans when you get to Prague?

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