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How can my British friend divorce Algerian man if they were married in Tunisia

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Hello I am hating the fact that I am writing this. My friend has asked to to get information about divorcing her Algerian husband. They have only been married for 1 year, they married in Tunisia 14 October last year and now she wants to divorce him. She is British and he Algerian she has asked him to send papers for it and he said no - how does she go about doing this if he is refusing to send papers for divorce? Many thanks.


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    If your friend has the original marriage certificate then she can divorce him in the UK. She does not need any documents from him. Tunisian weddings are legally recognised in the UK, so there is no problem to divorce in the UK.
    Many solicitors have fixed fees for divorces and if she is on a low income or benefits she may not have to pay the court fees
  • ohh ok though she have to travel,so much easier thank you
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