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Visa refusal

@Alethia ,

I and my husband had applied for a schenegen visa June this year. We wanted to cover Amsterdam, Italy and Greece. Since I was a first time traveler and didn;t also hire a travel agent, I had several mistakes in my application and Netherlands refused my visa.

We again applied for visa after a week of rejection. This time modified my itinerary, showing more days in Greece. Greece embassy too rejected our visa stating our intentions to leave the territory wasn;t sure.

NOw I am individually planning to travel to France and Switzerland this December. This time its just myself and it is a group holiday arranged by a reliable travel agent. Please advise if I should mention in my covering letter that I have been rejected twice earlier and also attach my rejection letters....?

You have helped many, please advise me too...



  • I hold Indian passport
  • @Sonya
    You do not need to mention the refusal in the cover letter. On the application form you are asked if you applied for a visa before plus where and when biometrics were collected.
    Your information is on the Schengen VIS ( visa information system) shared by all Schengen states, your biometrics identify you and the immigration officer can see your immigration history.
    To have a chance of this visa being granted you need to show strong ties to your country of residence, which you obviously failed to show in previous applications.
  • @Alethia

    Thanks for your time and advice. I have attached my employers and husband;s NOC letter. Also attached are the salary slips, Income tax returns and bank statements. Additionally I have attached my son and daughter;s passports. Would these be enough to show my strong ties..i don;t have a property in my name though.

    My travel agent has asked me to makes sure that i mention my visa refusal before in my cover letter and also attach both the refusal letters with my application. I am sorry to ask you again, but please help me know if this would be wise to do or should i refrain doing so(this may create a negative impression on the officer assessing my application)

    Again, many thanks for being generous!
  • I would be travelling alone, not with my husband and children, It is a group holiday package 0f 25 other travelers. Please advise.
  • @sonya123
    If you are employed why dont you have a bank account? You need to submit your marriage certificate and childrens birth certificates. You dont need to send husbands or childrens passports just certified copies.
    The refusal letters were for the whole family not just you so I cant see the point of attaching them, however if this is what the travel agent wants you should comply with them.
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