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Short Stay Visa Refusal

edited October 2017 in Europe

I am an Engineer working on ship. I travel a lot and visit many countries. I wanted to call my wife on board to accompany with me and sail with me for sometime . So we started applying some important visas. Employer helped my wife getting all the documentations in line and required formalities . We started applying visas . She got US Visa for 10 yrs , Canada Visa for 5 years UK Visa and Brazil Visa .
As ship was calling European ports we applied for Schengen Visa .
Now the horror part starts with mental harassment and mental trauma .
1. We applied for Italy Visa , Embassy refused stating stay was not reliable even after submitting everything .
2. Applied for Spanish Visa , again visa got rejected stating another reason intention to leave the member state could not be ascertained .

After submitting all documents invitation letter form renowed agencies reputed companies still visa was rejected .

We kept hope and moved forward .

3. Applied for Belgium Visa from New Delhi via VFS . Next day got the message that your visa has been sent to Belgium Immigration Office for further processing .

Once your visa is gone from Belgium Embassy in New Dehi to Immigration Office there is no hope at all.
This is our first worst experience , and we dont know what to do . Its been 20-25 days there is no update from Belgium Immigration Office nor VFS.
I tried tracking visa on their website there is no results , tried calling on their numbers call doesnt go through.
Really frustated and tried of waiting ! VFS says they have no information and cannot help.

I dont know whom to contact now for knowing my wife application status .
There is no option left to withdraw my application from this long procedure of months

My questions and queries to humble admins and people :

1. Visa refused so many times, will she ever get a schengen visa in near future or it will reflect in their system forever.

2. Anyone had such experience with Belgium Embassy ?




  • @Akhshansh
    The Schengen states need evidence that your wife has strong ties to her country of residence, if you have failed to supply this evidence then your applications will fail.
    If your wifes application is refused this time your only option is to submit an appeal, citing your wife's excellent immigration history in obtaining and visiting the UK, USA , Canada and returning home at the end of these visits.

    For your information, no Schengen country has a set time line in processing visas, so stop panicking and listening to gossip.

    When your application is registered with VFS, you are issued a receipt for the fees that you have paid and an acknowledgement receipt of the acceptance of your passport will be given to you. Therefore you must have a reference number , if that number is not working then you need to put a formal complaint in writing to VFS, if the tracking response is something like "application being processed" then you are worrying over nothing.

    Every Schengen country share information on applicants via VIS the visa information system so "visa shopping" that is applying after refusal to other countries is frowned on, unless there is a change of circumstances and evidence.

  • @Alethia
    Thanks a lot Alethia for clearing some important doubts. My only concern now is that will she be able to get schengen visa in future after 6 months or a year if we apply or it will reflect again and again in their VIS system that she was denied of visa in so so time period or year .

    Its like everytime we apply the name gets flagged and window pops up of refusal history.
    So embassy rejects seeing past records .

  • @Alethia Please request you to answer my above mentioned query !
  • @Akhshansh
    You have not had a response from the Belgian Embassy yet. Why not wait for their response before looking 6 months down the line.
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