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France Visa Refused

Hey Alethia,
I am from India. I applied for a Schengen visa from france with my wife for a short stay tourist visa. And the visa got refused. The reason they gave me was "The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable". We provided all the documents required for the visa. My wife is a government employees and I own a business.

After one month of visa rejection I re applied it by myself. This time i was travelling alone. I applied from france embassy. I planned to stay 8 days in Paris and 5 days in spain.
I provided all the relevant documents for the visa, including my tax return for the last 3 years with acknowledgement, return flight tickets, confirmed hotel bookings, last 6 months bank statement with balance of 11,600$, bank statement of my business account, credit card statements, cover letter with proper day to day itinerary, papers of valuation of my personal property(123702$) and my father's property (309256$) as i am his only son with latest electricity bills, spouse NOC with attached copy of marriage certificate and her passport, paper of my business registration, confirmed tickets of euro rail, copies of my investments (mutual funds), travel insurance etc. And i applied 40 days before my travel.

They still refused my visa with the same reason which is really disappointing for me. I have also travelled to Singapore and Indonesia with my wife last year.
I can't understand why are they refusing may visa. Please help me with this.


  • @pankaj36
    These are the reasons why you were refused under this provision."The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable".

    1. Documents required have not been provided in compliance with the list of the documents according to the travel purpose;

    2. Purpose of the travel could not be ascertained according to the documents submitted;

    3. Inconsistent information on the purpose of the travel was provided;

    4. The applicant failed to demonstrate family ties to the host family („Close Relatives`/ Family Members Visits”);

    5.The applicant failed to provide sufficient proof of employment

    6.Validity period if the visa applied for does not correspond annual leave provided be the employer;

    7. Hotel/flight booking provided when applying for a visa was cancelled.

    8. Documents presented do not correspond the requirements (e.g., not in the original, validity period has expired);

    You need to go through these reasons and see where you failed. How did you book your hotel and flights? You obviously made the same error on both applications.
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    Thanks for your reply,
    I am grateful to you for your precious time on this discussion.

    I've gone through all the points you've mentioned. As per my knowledge I didn't make any mistake. I checked everything thoroughly before applying for the visa. Hotel booking, flight and train tickets were cancelled after the refusal.

    More over along with the Cover letter and detailed Itinerary, I also presented them a letter justifying the intension of my stay. In this letter I gave them all information about why i want go to Paris, why I chose this particular time, etc. I was very clear with everything.

    What I think is, as my last application was rejected they didn't even bother to check my application this time.

    Please suggest me how should I apply next time. I mean should I take a travel package from travel agents like Thomas Cook, Cocks and Kings or should I ask for a "Invitation Letter" from a friend in Germany.

  • @pankaj36
    If this was your first time to Europe for you and your wife it would have been better if you had gone on a package tour with a company like Thomas Cook rather than trying to do it your self.
    I would go down this avenue first rather than keep applying on your own or asking friends in Germany to invite you.
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