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Czech Visa Refusal

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Hello @Alethia me and my friend applied for a schengen visa (czech republic) last september 20, 2017 here in dubai VFS. I (Filipino) got my approved visa last october 8, 2017 and today (oct. 15, 2017) he (Pakistani) got his refusal notice due to “The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and condition of the intended stay was not reliable.” We have submitted same documents for we are working in same company other than hotel bookings confirmation. we are supposed to travel on nov. 1-15, 2017. what is the best thing thing to do? request for a review or re apply a new one? i'm afraid for the request for a review will take time for my visa will end on nov. 30, 2017.

please i really need your advice.

Thank you.


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    You said and I quote "We have submitted same documents for we are working in same company other than hotel bookings confirmation" which means you did not submit the same hotel confirmation. Or am I not reading this correctly.
    A review is usually quite quick it is not an appeal. you should make the case you are friends travelling together and your visa was granted but not your friends
  • Flight details, detailed travel itineraries, noc from same employer/sponsor are just the same. hotels are also same just we have separate rooms.

    we made an appointment for hungary on tuesday (oct 17, 2017) do you think it will have any effect on the new application? and the reason they stated is just difficult to justify since we really applied for the tourist purpose.

    Thank you for the response. we are really new to this and dont have enough idea and what we can get from the web is not fully detailed.

    again, thank you so much.
  • @BGS05
    Schengen countries take a very dim view of people who go "visa shopping" That is people who are refused by one country and then apply to another Schengen country.

    All Schengen states share visa application information known as VIS the Hungarians will therefore know about your friends refusal and in my opinion you are making a mistake.

    I advised you to ask the Czechs to review the application or at least reapply to them

  • I am afraid if we will re-apply to them, they will again refuse for the same reason? This is really frustrating. :(
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