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Need some advice on supporting documents for a UK visa

edited October 2017 in - Tunisia

It's my first time having a discussion on a forum so I hope I'm doing this right! I really need some sense of direction :(

I'm British and i married my Tunisian husband in Jan 2016.. we are planning on applying for his visa in December.. it's taken me months to research everything that we need as I really don't want to get anything wrong, however now I'm confused as to what I do with all the supporting documents?

I understand that we apply for and pay for the visa online, and then book an appointment at the tls visa application in Tunis.
On the tls website it says 2 things, one is to take all supporting documents to the visa application centre in Tunis and they will scan these over to ukvi.. however elsewhere it says the supporting documents should be sent to the UK visas and immigration which is in Sheffield in the UK..

I don't understand which one I'm supposed to do, or whether both are an option. I always thought this was done in Tunis so my husband has all of our documents that we have been keeping safe.. I would really appreciate it if someone could let me know what the right way is? And also if I am allowed to go in with my husband to the tls centre when he has his biometrics etc?

I will be flying out on the 16th December so we hope to have booked all appointments and paid for the visa in the next few days

Thank you.

@Alethia I made my account specifically because of how helpful your answers have been to other users on here.. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some advice on this. I've been driving myself crazy for months trying to get everything spot on but have a few hurdles I need to overcome :/


  • @sabrinagul

    TLS Contact centres do not yet scan documents.

    All supporting documents must be sent to Sheffield. All documents except his passport should be with you, how can the documents be up to date if they are in Tunisia.

    Look here :-
    This address should also be on the information section of the on line application form, double check the address as the Home Office can change addresses without warning.

    Your husbands should attend the Visa Application Centre appointment with his passport, proof of appointment, a copy of his application form, proof of payment of the application and the IHS payment.
    Normally only your husband is allowed in to the TLS Contact centre.

    All supporting documents are sent to Sheffield, including a copy of the application form, proof of appointment and proof of all payments.
    You must also submit with the documents form VAF4A Appendix 2 financial requirements and the Sponsorship Undertaking form
    Both forms must be completed by hand and submitted with the supporting documents.

    Please remember that when you complete the on line application form it is your husband to whom the form is asking the questions not you.
    If you need any further help let me know.
  • @alethia

    Thank you so much for replying.

    I visited him in tunisia and got back last month so I took most of the documents with me. I did this thinking tls scans them over to Sheffield as this is what it says on their website (unless I misunderstood).

    I understand that you're a British lawyer, but wanted to know if you offer services to assist with making sure all documents are correct before submitting the visa. Is there any way I could contact you by phone?

    I have a few other questions and maybe legal guidance would be the best option for me.

    Thank you once again.

  • @sabrinagul

    If you read the TLS site carefully you will see digital scanning will not come into force until 31 October 2017 .

    After that date applicants need to do the following when they arrive for their appointment:-
    • Bring your original passport (or travel document) and residence permit/national ID card (if applicable);

    • Bring A4 copies of all of your supporting documents. Copies should be of reasonably good quality to be readable when scanned. Use coloured copies if necessary.

    • If you would like to submit an old passport or a sponsor’s passport as supporting document, then you must provide copies of it as well;

    • Remove any staples, clips or pins from documents before submitting them.

    Presenting the documents in the format set out above will allow TLS to scan them more quickly, return them and reduce waiting times at the Visa Application Centre.

    If you are not applying until December 2017 I still do not understand why you have taken documents to Tunisia in September, over three months before you apply.

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