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Is there a ferry between Trinidad and Tobago?

Hi guys! I'm going to be holidaying in Trinidad and Tobago with my family early next year, but I just want to do all of my planning extra early. We're going to be renting a car on Trinidad and then want to take it to Tobago (it's easier for all of us to be in a car rather than arrange for public transport for all of us) - is there a ferry from Trinidad to Tobago? Also, can we take our car on the ferry between the two islands?


  • Hey, I don't know much about Trinidad, but I've had and heard of some terrible experiences with renting cars in remote places. If I were you, I'd do my homework very thoroughly. Are there big names like Avis or Budget? How many will you be?
  • Hi, @DylBrunds.

    A holiday to Trinidad and Tobago sounds like great fun. You're also quite lucky in that Trinidad and Tobago were not as badly affected by the recent spate of hurricanes as the rest of the Caribbean.

    How long will you be in T&T for? If you're looking for a good guide, check out the Word Travels Guide to Trinidad and Tobago.

    @EmmaL what are your car hire experiences?
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  • @EmmaL
    Your post does relate at all to Trinidad but to "remote places" I really do not understand what you mean by "remote Places" your post is also based on gossip.

    I personally I do not regard Trinidad and Tobago a remote place it is on the well beaten tourist trail.

    People can have poor experiences with car hire companies in all countries even the UK,
    USA and Europe there are well documented complaints about this. Large companies like Avis and Budget are not immune from people having bad experiences.

    To hire a car you should look at company reviews ( good old internet) and personal recommendations.
  • @LukeC We made the mistake of going with a budget option while holidaying in Botswana. The seatbelts in the back were broken, the tyres were worn down and the next day the CV joints gave out. Guy refused to give us a refund, saying it was our fault. Yes, we probably should have done better research. Hindsight.

    @Alethia I get what you're saying, and I didn't mean to say that Avis and Budget don't get bad reviews. All I meant to say was your chances of a bad experience is probably less with them. And I just meant remote places as in somewhere you can't drive your own car. But you're not wrong - if we did our research better or asked around more, we'd probably have better stories.

    Found some reviews for budget car rentals in Trinidad and Tobago here. It's tagged as Budget the brand but there are reviews for others too. Do you know of any other company review sites?
  • @EmmaL
    Here is a substantive list of all care hire companies in Trinidad and Tobago.
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