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Need help plan a tour to Rome

I'm in the initial planning stages of a trip to Italy and just wanted to get some advice from some forum members about traveling to Italy what to see/do/eat/etc?

My three siblings and I are all between our late 20's and mid 30's and our parents have been on a kick to take a family trip together. We've been going back and forth for about a year deciding when to go, where to go, what dates work, how long to go, and we finally decided on a destination and time that works for everyone. The consensus is Italy for between 10 and 12 days in early March of next year. I've never been there and two of my siblings haven't either; we figure a trip like this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience as a family.

Basically leave on Friday March 1st and come back on March 11th or March 13th depending if my brother can get two days more off work. The tentative plan is seeing the three main cities in Italy- Rome, Venice, and Florence; Rome for 5 days, Venice for 4 days, and Florence for 3 days with possible side excursions to other cities like Vatican City, Pisa, and Verona if we have time. Also thought of the guide we love excursions, I like the example found the tours of Rome website can recommend them. I'm the unofficial family travel planner so I've been tasked with setting up the trip and wanted to reach out to the forum for advice.

Where should we stay? Where did you stay when you went?
Where to eat?
Where to shop?
What to all see?
Any excellent websites for Italian travel?

So far, it sounds like my brother can get two days more days off for a total of 12 days to explore the country.
Thanks alot for help!)
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