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South African/Canadian Citizen - Expired SA Passport

I am traveling to SA in December and just found out my SA passport had expired. I wont be able to get a new one in time so I am wondering if someone knows the current laws on traveling with my Canadian passport into my country of birth. I know I don’t need a visa as a Canadian but I am pretty sure that legally you have to have a valid SA passport and use it to enter the country. Does nylons know anything or have any suggestions on this topic?




  • You must enter and exit South Africa on your South African passport.

    That said, South Africa Immigration is fairly lax about catching this so in your position I would simply have your expired passport handy with documentation proving that you've applied for a new passport so if you run into hassle at Immigration then hopefully that's enough to smooth things out.

    As a citizen they can't deny you entry. The most you would be facing is the usual hassle at the airport and a fine if convicted.

    Have a great trip.

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