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Dream of Cruising the Carribean

Hi all! I've been dreaming of visiting the Carribean Islands and that dream will hopefully be realized in a few months' time. What's more is I get to travel with my mom so I really would like to make it more special. Cruising is the best way I could think of. Can you suggest some great and affordable cruise ships I can check out?


  • @Outerspare
    You need to say which country you are resident as you may need a visa as most cruise ships for the Cribbean depart from the USA or the UK
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    I am an American citizen. Gosh, I forgot about that. I'll have to ask my mom too. Thanks for reminding me. lol.

    Anyway, my mom's a senior and a diagnosed bipolar so she's going to be bringing along her meds, which I do not know how I will go about. They will allow her to bring her meds, right? . I'm just concerned with the meds. Who to call for that issue?
  • @Outerspare
    US citizens do not need visas for the Caribbean Islands.

    Your mother needs to discuss this holiday with her doctor as to wether it is suitable for her to holiday on a cruise liner. Liners have limited health facilities the medical facilities are generally more like an infirmary or walk-in care clinic than a “floating” hospital.
    If your mother has an episode she could be removed from the cruise. Caribbean Islands also have limited mental healthcare facilities.

    You will need to take travel/health insurance to cover your mothers ilness.
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