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UK student visa for Pakistani citizen.

edited November 2017 in - Canada
Guyzz im new here .. I just wanted to have some points clear .my nationality is Pakistani

In jan 2016 I applied for student visa for england. But could not continue because of
Budget shortage and other personel issues Now im plannig to apply for canada express entry visa my uncle from torronto was telling me its most cheap way to migrate to canada but the problem is that im just a student and practices cinematography as a hobby but the problem is that express entry vissa requires
Skill and some kinda profession noc which I dont have need some guideline help me with your precious advise !!! Im alone with my divorced mom ... and I dont see my future bright anyways waiting for replys @Alethia


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    Here's everything you need to know.

    Good luck.

  • @lostdanny
    If you could not fund a UK student visa how will you fund a visa for Canada. If you were refused a UK visa for the UK. This can have a negative impact on a Canadian visa application. You have no close relatives in Canada ( uncle is not close) brother sister parent are close family and you have not completed your education and you have no obvious skills.
    In my opinion your wasting your time.
  • No I now have enough.budget to support my express entry visa program I estimated it and it all fits well with my balance but anyways I think I should learn some professional skills and then apply and mean while completing studies ...anyways thanks @Alethia for your logic based reply I would consider this reply but this time its not about money its about lack of skills and opportunity .... but in your own way your right .... I just want to migrate thanks ...
  • And I estimated uk student visa is more expensive than canadian express entry entry while it provides you permanent resident ship
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