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I am portugues woman I leave in uk London for 20 years I am working in hospital I am divorce my fiancé is from Tunisia I go there to visit him now we going to married in December 2017 but we don’t know with I need to do some papers to married in Tunisia after married I what him to come leave with me and Work with me in the uk can you please help me what I have to do please many thanks for your help


  • Question before I answer. Is your only passport Portuguese?
  • Yes my passport is portugues
  • @freitas
    Once you are married you need to make an EEA dependent application to the UK Visas and Immigration
    You make an EEA on line application here
    There is no visa fee or health care fee and your application must be dealt with promptly under EU law.
    You need to provide a copy of your Portugese passport ( any UK soliciter will charge £1 to make acopy and certify it)
    3 months pay slips and bank statements showing your salary going in the bank
    A letter from your employer confirming your employment
    Proof of where you live , tenancy agreement or mortgage statement
    Council tax bill or utility bills
    Your Marriage certificate
    Your husbands passport and ID card.

    Once you have completed the EEA application you will be given an appointment for your husband to attend for an appointment at the TLS Contact Centre in Tunis where they will take his biometric information. The TLS website explains how to submit the supporting documents.
  • Thanks very much for you help I really appreciate alethia
  • Hi everyone !
    Relying on your help to shed some light if possible.. I’ve been living in the uk for the last 18yrs however I’m a French citizen -although my parents are Tunisian so I also have the Tunisian passport.

    I have been self employed ( sole trader) for the last 4 yrs so I can justify my earning against my bank statement but no pay slips.
    Is that an issue??
    I intend to marry my lover from Tunisia in December this year in Tunisia.

    Will my name be altered on both passports ? The Tunisian and French one?
    How long before I will be able to bring back my hubby with me?
    Will it be easier if I apply for the eea to be able to have the permanent residency before getting married, then apply for the spouse visa for my husband?

    Thanks in advance !
  • @rabzy
    Firstly, do not apply for permanent residence as this will change your status, you wiil no longer be a "qualified person" to enable to apply for your husband to enter the UK. When he has his five year visa then you can apply for permanent residence.

    You will need a lot more than bank statements to prove you are self employed. These are the documents you will need to supply with the application:-

    Evidence that you are self-employed such as contracts to provide services, proof of payment of tax and national insurance as a self-employed person,
    bank statements and your latest self assessment submitted to HMRC.

    It is much harder to provide evidence of self employment than being employed by a company.

    As soon as you have all the documents ready you can apply for your husband to join you. There is no waiting period you can apply as soon after marriage as you like. It should only be a few weeks before you receive a response
    There is no visa fee payable for EEA applications. Your husband will be granted a 6 montrhs entry visa.

    When he arrives in the UK you must apply imediately for his 5 year residence permit as he cannot work or apply for a national insurance number until he has the 5 year residence permit.

    Your name on your passports do not change automatically you need to apply to have these changes made and new passports issued. There is no law that states you need to change your name in fact I would leave your passports as they are.
  • will know that all life events must go on your certificate de naissance and you should keep your family name on all documents. This will not be a problem in England and will make it much easier to do anything that you need to in Tunisia.
  • @freitas. I started a thread for marriage requirements in Tunisia, however, here are the documents you will need:

    1. Birth certificate, original and not older than 21 days before date of marriage.

    2. Divorce documents, original

    3. Document stating that you are single and able to enter into marriage.

    4. Passport

    5. Residency visa for England.

    All these documents must be original and must be translated into French/Arabic. They must be stamped and certified. Usually this can be done by the translator. This can be done very quickly and easily in Tunisia.

    Your fiance will need his birth certificate not older than 21 days before date of marriage and his Carte d'identitie and passport if he has one. He should organise the contract and the notaire or the beladiya for the formalities. Please be careful that you have a copy of your contract of marriage BEFORE you sign it. Make sure that it is in accordance with your wishes.

    When you arrive into Tunisia you and your fiance should atted the doctor who will make request for blood tests. Take these to the laboratoire (you can both go together). They will give you the results more than likely the same day. You take these back to the doctor who will check results and sign.

  • Thanks very much Lesley for you help I really appreciate I will be careful thanks
  • Dear

    I whet to book appointment to do this document stating that you are single and able to enter into marriage.
    But they say I don’t need do because I am divorce and portugues woman I say to my fiancé he ask in his country in Tunisia they say to him I can do in his country but I am not sure with I can do in Tunisia this document can you please tell me with I can do there in Tunisia the wedding is 15 January next year I got all the documents you say I need only this one I still not have I don’t know what to do please
    Thanks very much Susana
  • edited December 2017
    Upon arrival in Tunisia you must go to the Portugese Embassy in Tunis. There you will show your divorce paper and make a statement that you are free to marry.The Portugese embassy will stamp and certify the document.
    If I were you I would contact the Portugese Embassy in Tunis to make an appointment before you arrive in Tunisia.
    Best wishes
  • Hi dear
    @ alethia
    Thanks very much for your reply I really appreciate I will do that I call portugues embassy to book appointment before I reach Tunisia
    all so they say we can married in embassy in Tunisia but I don’t know with is true because me and my fiancé we was talk to married in notaire in Tunisia we are very happy and wait for this day
    Best regards
    thanks alethia
  • @freitas
    Marriages in Tunisia are not conducted in the Enbassy.
    All marriages in Tunisia are civil marriages (not religious) and are legally recognised througout the world.
    You fiance is correct by arranging the marriage with the Tunisian notaire.
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