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Is it easy to buy alcohol in Turkey?

Hi everybody! It's me again. I'm heading to Turkey soon and I wanted know what the whole deal there is with regards to Islam. I know many Arab countries do not easily allow drinking - is it the same in Turkey?


  • Hey, @BruQue .

    While many people in Turkey do practise Islam, the country itself is officially secular. This means that no religious laws are used to govern the country. In short, alcohol is very easily available and popular.

    How long will you be in Turkey?

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  • Hi @BruQue

    It's easy to buy alcohol, but it's more a question of where you plan to drink. If you're planning on sticking to bars, great, but depending on where in Turkey you are, if you want to take the party to the beach or some other public space, you're going to get some funny looks. While it's not illegal, it is frowned upon to drink in public.

    Where in Turkey are you planning to go?
  • BruQue
    Depends where you are going in Turkey.
    Turkey is predominantly Muslim but is a secular country. Most cities have bars and restaurants where alcohol is served but do be aware there are many places that do not have licenses. Often these are more local eateries.
    Just look at the contrast in the country. There are resort areas such as Bodrum/Gumbet, Marmaris, Hisaronu that really are party towns and then there is Konya that does not have any bars!
    People do take a beer or 2 to the beach along with their picnic or to have with their barbeque in the many picnic areas. The bigger supermarkets sell drink as well.
    Just be aware that it is relatively expensive due to taxes and if you buy from a small off license type shop it will be sold and put into a black plastic carrier to hide it! Used to be wrapped in newspaper....
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