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Weather in Sark

edited November 2017 in - Britain and Ireland
Hello everyone, friends of ours have booked a house in Sark over the festive season and invited us to stay. I just wanted to find out firstly, what's the weather there like in December/January. Does it rain a lot? Will we be able to get out and go for walks?

Secondly, they tell me we'll transfer via a ferry from Jersey, but I'm uncomfortable with sea travel, and I'm worried about sea conditions, especially at that time of year. Has anyone used the ferry in December?

Hope to hear from you. Thank you for your answers.


  • @KarePo
    Sark is a tiny island (5.5square kilometers) in the English Channel between England and Normany in France. Quaint and picturesque with stunning views.
    Sark is one of the few remaining places in the world where cars are banned from roads only tractors and horse-drawn vehicles are allowed

    Ferry is the only way to reach Sark and the sea can be rough in December The sea journey takes over an hour from Jersey and the ferry timetable changes in winter.

    You maybe better to fly to Guernsey which is closer to Sark and there are more ferry boats. The boat journey is about 45 minutes.

    The English Channel can be choppy in winter. I have crossed the English Channel from the UK to France several times in winter and the sea is unpredictable

    The average maximum daytime temperature in Sark in December is 9°C (48°F), while the average minimum night-time temperature is 4°C (39°F). You can expect on average 2 hours of sunshine a day in Sark during December. You will need to wrap up warm , boots and winter coats as the sea winds can make it very chilly.

    Of course you can go outside and take walks or go on a bike ride.
    Sark was the first place in the world to be recognised as a “Dark Sky Island” due to its minimal levels of light pollution, which make it the perfect place to see the night sky.

    Christmas Eve (December 24) is a magical time to be on Sark. There is carol singing outside the Gallery Stores just before lunchtime with everyone welcome to join in as they sing the length of the Avenue. The shops and other businesses give out drinks and festive nibbles to customers doing their last minute Christmas shopping with mulled wine and mince pies aplenty,

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas on Sark.

  • Hi Karen,

    Sark is a fantastic spot to spend the festive season, the climate is quite mild in comparison to the rest of the UK. Although it might be cloudy with a fair bit of rain around December/January as it is the rainy season, you'll still be able to go for walks when the weather clears up.

    The ferry from Jersey can be quite uncomfortable if the seas are rough, taking a ferry from Guernsey may be a better option as the trip is shorter and the ferrys are often bigger and aren't impacted as much by choppy waters. If you have some flexibility, check the weather beforehand and plan your journey for a calm day.

    Hope that's helpful, enjoy your trip!
  • @Alethia @Jamie_L Thank you for the information. Christmas in Sark sounds lovely, so I'll have to resign myself to an uncomfortable journey then.

    How long before must a ferry ticket be booked? Is it possible to fly to Guernsey and spend the night there if the sea is too choppy? How popular are the Channel Islands during the winter holidays?
  • @KarenPo
    The Channel Islands are very popular at Christmas. I would fly to Guernsey and spend the night seeing the Christmas markets.
    There are a less boats making the trip to Sark in winter, so you need to book. if the seas are too choppy and the boats cant go you will go on the next boat.
  • @Alethia Thanks. I hope we can still find accommodation in Guernsey.

    How often are the seas too choppy for the ferries? Do they go more than once a day?
  • @KarenPo
    I have no idea how often the sea is choppy , thats an odd question
    I suggest you look on line for the Guernsey to Sark winter timetable to see the time and how often the boats sail.
    Hope ypu have a lovely Christmas
  • @Alethia What I meant to ask was whether ferries are often delayed due to rough seas during December. Sorry if I was unclear. I can imagine it's a logistical nightmare if an entire boatful of people need to find accommodation on short notice, especially if the ferries run on a limited timetable during the festive season.

    We're considering leaving a little earlier and spending a day in Guernsey. How easy is it to get around without a car? I understand it's larger than Sark, but can we still walk most places? Or will we need to hire bicycles?
  • @KarenPo
    There are cars on Guernsey and buses.
    Again I have no idea about the boats and the weather.
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