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Which Greek resort is best for a family holiday (young kids)?

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We are planning to go to Greece on a family holiday and need to know which Greek resort would be best to visit with young children? Which resorts have the most things for kids to see and do? Where are the most child-friendly beaches and restaurants in Greece? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    I would recommend Halkidiki. The resort is firmly geared towards families now and has great beaches, restaurants, hotels and activities.

    Prices range from reasonable to ridiculous so it would really depend on your budget as to where you would stay.

    Direct flights and short transfers are also a bonus. If you want any further advice please don't hesitate to ask.

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    You can find family friendly hotels in Greece on
    They all have kids clubs and lots of details about activities for families and children...
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    I would not recommend Kefalos if your kids need constant stimulation, but if they are kids with good inter play with you and are imaginative then my grandchildren , aged 3 and 8 years at the time came on holiday with us to kefalos and loved it.Wherever you choose in Greece you will find that the Greek people love children and will bend over backwards for them
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    There are many hotels,resorts and Villas there...I can suggest you some names:-

    Cyprus Villas(
    Atlantica Hotels(

    I hope you like these links,if you have some another please share with me also.
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