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Effects in visiting other countries when blacklisted in Korea

edited November 2017 in - South Korea
Hi. I was deported fr south korea to phils. 1 year ago . (nov.2016)This month iv been invited by a friend to tour.Will there be any trouble if i visit a free visa country like malaysia this coming xmas holiday?i need advice pls. Thank u so much


  • Very few countries outside the Schengen Area and the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand share immigration and/or criminal database information.

    I have no immigration experience with South Korea & Malaysia but I can't imagine them sharing immigration databases, but who knows. Maybe someone else here can shed light.

    Does your Passport have a big deported stamp in it? That would never be a good thing.

    Good luck.

  • Thank u @CheersTerry . I used travel travel document when i went back in phils.coz few days before i got deported my passport was lost in korea and reported it in phil embassy in i got a new passport now .are they gonna ask or check my old passport or document?i only have the xerox copy of my travel doc.coz the original copy was taken when i applied for my new ticket in malaysia tour is already booked on dec.
  • What is ny chances?thank u for ur help
  • I have no clue, but I doubt it. Not that my opinion means anything.

    I guess you'll find out...

  • hi. pls anyone else have comments about my my concern?thank you (;
  • @macy14
    You have been given very good advice by @CheersTerry.
    No one will look at a photocopy of an expired travel document or ask for your old passport. Go and enjoy your holiday.
  • Thank u so much
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