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Visa processing rules

I am going to apply at swiss embassy. Must i give my old passport where i have my previous visa to shengen country? My new passport has been renewed in Brussels Belgium while i was in Portugal because we don't have embassy in portugal. If i don't include that passport, will they anyhow know about my first visa? Will i be considered as overstayed? My payslip and proof of tax payment to portuguese government will not help at all on this scenario?
Note: I lived and worked legally in portugal under article 88.


  • @musi
    You must submit a passport with your application. If as you say you were working legally under article 88 in Portugal then you should have no problem.
    Article 88 is part of the legislation pertaining to foreign workers.

    I wrote in my last post that all Schengen countries share immigration history via the VIS (visa information system) so they have information about you.

    Why would you be considered to be an overstayer apart from the fact that you could not be bothered to wait for your resuidence card. I dont understand your concerns.

    Your Portugese payslip and tax payment are of no use in a Schengen application.

    The mistake you made was submitting a Schengen application to Portugal knowing you had insufficient funds and no hotel reservation.
  • @Alethia thank you! I am worried because i didn't return on my previous visa but i followed the article 88 to remain in portugal. What must i do next to show my documents more strong and precise? Your advise will be highly appreciated.
  • @Alethia i want to be fully prepared before i lodge the visa. Plz guide me through. I am also reading the old post from you but i didn't find the topic which is im about to ask. My query is, after the bank balance cert given at the embassey can i withdraw few amount from my ac? For example : i have 40 thousand € in the closing statement. Few days later, i withdraw13 thousand €. Will this affect obtaining visa if the embassey inquiry in my bank?

    I am planning to apply in early january for the march trip. I have documents as follows :

    1. My passport ( renewed in Belgium in 2014. It doesn't have any visa stamp. Only Got a stamp from the SEF and exit stamp from lisbon airport.)
    2. My grocery shop licence and registration certificate. ( opend in last june)
    3. Land lease greement paper verified by my town municipality.
    4. My relationship proof document with my mom and son.
    5. My citizenship card
    6. Birth certificate of my son (he is 18 year)
    7.Bank statement and balance certificate
    8. Round trip air ticket and reserved accommodation
    9. Travel insurance
    I can include my academic certificate if its needed. I have studied tourism and hospitality management in singapore. Completed the course in 2009. I am from Nepal.
    @Ella Johnson
  • @musi
    You really need to leave the money if you can.If you remove the funds it makes tbe bank certificate worthless.
    ts better to take out the money and then suibmit a bank statement of €27000 .
    You do not show any house ownership or rental contract. Do your mother and son live with you? If so can you provide a document to show this.
    At 18 your son is not a child are responsible to pay for his education?
  • Oh thanks a lot @Alethia ! My mom and son live with me. We are family of three at home. My son is still depend upon me for eduication. He has just finished his high school. Land lease and ownership is not necessary?
  • @musi
    I am trying to make you understand that strong ties to Nepal means you are likely to return after your visit, this bodes well for being granted avisa. So if you own land or a house show it and demonstrate that your son and motger are your dependents.
  • Ok @Alethia i understood your point. Thank you very much. I might ask you things again if i wrestler with my thoughts regarding the documents .
  • Hello,
    I need assistance iam asked for the proof of sufficient funds (BTA ,750GBP) for my entry to Uk- scotland by aberdeen boarders immigration payable via western union in my names before my travel documents/work permit is processed And they said bank statements Are no longer accepted due to falsification.
    Please advise on immediate response welcome
    Thank you
  • @labanson
    I do not know who is telling you that you need this money but it is not correct.
    There is no such thing as BTA (basic travel allowance) sometimes called PTA (private travel allowance)
    There is no money payable via western union for UK work permits. It is also untrue that bank statement are no longer accepted.
    I believe you are being scammed by the people giving you this wrong not pay any money to them.
    It is very difficult to obtain a work permit for the UK. What type of job have you been offered?
  • @labanson

    You're being scammed by whatever crook is pretending to facilitate a Visa for you.

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