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Cambodia trip planning

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Hi - i am planning my trip to Cambodia this summer and want to see all the main highlights - but also some less well known attractions. I want to fly in to Ankgor from Bangkok and then leave from Phnom Penh. Is it better to get between the two via boat or bus? What other worthwhile stuff can I see apart from what is in these two main centres? Finally, do I need a tour guide or tour operator, or can I do it all myself once I arrive? Thanks, Simon


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    Cambodia is an amazing place to visit! I was there not too long ago. For the main sites I would recommend getting a guide book, or you can also look into some guides online. Lonely planet has a good one:

    In general I don't think you need a tour guide, unless you are an unsure traveler and would feel better with one. I don't know what time of year you will be going, but at certain times of the year it is not possible to get from siem reap to phnom penh by boat because of the water levels. This was the case when I was there (I was there during the month of july) and so I took the bus, which wasn't bad at all. I enjoyed the scenery. I do hear that taking the boat is a nice trip as well though.
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    The road between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh is now quite good and air-conditioned buses cover the route in some comfort. Departures throughout the day, prices under $20, duration around 6 hours.
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    Does anyone have more info here?
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    Hi - the road between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap is in good condition so I would advise going by bus. If you're still looking for excursions outside Phnom Penh I would advise checking out Rantanakiri. It's a beautiful nature area where you can really get a sense of the jungle landscape - and swim in clear volcanic crater pools!
  • I do not think so. It is better to commute between Siep Reap and Phnom Penh by boat rather than by bus. The road is now not good for such a long 6-hour drive.
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