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asking about south korea

i just want to ask. is it possible to enter south korea using different name than the name i used when i was deported airport to airport? they took my biometric before sending me back home. its been 5 years now


  • Instead of trying to sneak in illegally and risk being permanently denied entry why don't you investigate whether you're still banned.

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    Of course you cannot use a different name, your biometrics are on record in South Korea,which would easily provide your true identity. If you were caught using a fake identity in South Korea you would be in very serious trouble and could be sent to jail before being deported again.
    @CheersTerry is correct follow his advice and try to do things legally.
  • My friend is a legal worker in a factory in korea.almost a year ago he encountered an accident while working and almost cut his finger in their machine.until now hes on regular check up and the company promised to compensate and pay him certain amount for the damage.its almost 1 year now and he got 6 months left before he finish his contract.he decided not to go to work unless the company give him his claim.he told the company about this but did not give him a reasonable response and any assurance.pls help us what to do.does he have a chance to win in this case?and while thing is in process is it possible for him to leave korea for few days and come to visit me in manila and come back to korea again after 1 or 2 wks? Pls help us .thank you so much
  • Please anyone have something to say about this?i will really appreciate it.thank you so much
  • @macy14
    If your friend does not go to work he can be firedd and lose his work permit. Refusing to work will not help him at all and is a very foolish thing to do
    Your friend needs to see a Korean lawyer
    He should not leave Korea until this matter is resolved or his visa expires.
  • @Alethia thank u so much.
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