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Germany work visa has been rejected

Dear team ,
My husband's working visa has been rejected this month and cannot find the correct reason for rejection as far as we know last year when he was sent Germany from previous company an issue has been occured because of the entry in wrong country as the visa is for another country for which he was sent back from the airport itself and there was no stampings at that time.
This year again when he got onsite chance he went for visa interview in august and now he got his passport with rejection stamp that too after lot of embassy and consulate chasing and the visa is in banned.
Could you please suggest the next best steps to proceed and will this effect other country visits.

Thanks for the suggestion in advance



  • I am writing from UI India
  • @yamuna
    A rejection letter with the reasons for refusal are always issued. So I dont understand why you dont know the reasons for refusal.
    Where are your husbands employers in this and what are they doing to help
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