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Changing travel plan

@Alethia i have been reading the many different types of questions and advise on this forum concerning the schengen visa. In few threads i have seen the advise given by you and other experts about changing of the travel plan to those who have been failed to be granted schengen visa. What does it really mean in this context to change the travel plan? I just want to be clear and prepare my documents precisely. Thank you


  • @musi
    Each situation is different. For example if a person wanted wanted to visit for one month but was refused for lack of funds. They can change their travel plan and apply for a 2 week visa for which they have sufficient funds.
  • Thank you @Alethia! But i saw a post where you wrote that "going to different embassies for visa is, visa shopping and can be frowned upon unless you change the travel plan". I am really curious to get the understanding on this topic. My apology for taking your time.
  • @musi
    Visa shopping is where one Schengen country refuses you and you then apply straight away with the same itinerary and documents to another Schengen state. For example France refuses you so you then apply to Belgium. As I have stated over and over again on this forum all Schengen states are linked via the visa information system VIS. All the applicants information is held there.

    If you are going to apply to another country you need to provide a different travel plan/itinerary with different dates.
  • Thank you very much @Alethia ! Now, i understood very much clearly!
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