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Overstaying in Tunisia

This discussion was created from comments split from: Can I prolong my stay in Tunisia?.


  • edited December 2017
    I thought it might be useful to offer my advice based on my experience for future 'overstayers'.

    The process in early 2016 was that if you overstay in Tunisia you pay 20 dinars for each week over your visa. You would visit a police station that has a 'foreigners' section, but I can't remember the name of the particular station. You visit the station, take evidence of your intended departure date (flight/ferry confirmation), fill in a form they give you, pay for the stamps (or bring them with you if you know how long you've overstayed) and the representative sticks in your stamps and marks your passport to say you've paid your fine.

    I recently had the same experience again and the foreigner's section representative told me they don't process the overstay fines anymore. She told me I would need to pay the fine when leaving via my port of exit. I bought my stamps in advance and paid the fine at the la goulette ferry port. They have a police and immigration section.

    In my experiences the authorities have been kind and helpful as long as they don't suspect you've been working illegally. Quite often they're just interested as to why a non-Tunisian would want to stay in Tunisia for more than 3 months! If you have ties i.e a house, fiance, husband etc. They'll likely encourage you to apply for a carte sejour if you plan to visit Tunisia often.

    I hope that's useful.

    Best regards,


  • @Halifax ...... it is so much easier to go to any police station where they will extend your visa. The fine for now is tnd10 for each week overstay and can be paid at any departure point, in cash.
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