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Best travel agent in Ghana

Hi My Fiancee want to come and live in New Zealand, she currently in Ghana, Cape Coast, Who is the best travel agency please I have had two quotes $ 8500 USD and $2500 USD why the difference is one a scamAlba travel is one and Universal is the other, Please help I am too far away to check, Russell


  • All money is to be paid to the travel agency, but which one? we want a nice smooth transaction.
  • @Rusty
    No one in their right mind sends money to a travel agent they have never heard of. DO NOT send one dollar to an African travel agent.
    You can reserve an airline ticket and pay in New Zealand if you need to.
    Have you ever met your fiancee or is this an on line romance?
    You do know your fiancee needs a visa to enter New Zealand and cant travel without it.
    I believe you are being scammed. This is a typical scam and an easy way to part a gullible fool from his money
  • edited December 2017
    I'm betting your "fiancee" doesn't even exist outside of your computer screen, which means she's just another scammer and she's about to take you for every penny she can squeeze out of you. The two Travel Agencies you mentioned are in on the scam too because there are LOTS of flights from Accra to Auckland for between $1,500 - $1,900 USD.

    As Alethia mentions are you even aware of the Visa issues for her to enter NZ?

    With all due respect you have to wake up. Stop being a sucker.

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