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Schengen tourist visa refused but would like to apply again


Last week I applied for France tourist visa along with all the required documents and strong bank statement 10,000 euro but still my visa got rejected. Reason my intended stay was not reliable.

I would like to re-apply with Latvian embassy for business visit as I am having business invitation letter from Latvian company.

Please advise me whether is it good to apply for business visa after getting tourist visa rejected by France embassy.

Thank you


  • @jawad1113
    You were refused a tourist visa because there was something questionable about your travel arrangements.
    There is no problem to apply fo a business visa after a refusal
  • Thanks for your prompt response.

    Actually I am a business holder (Proprietor at Placement Consultancy) but the invitation I am taking from Latvian Company is not similar to my business so There won't be any issue for applying a business visa in Latvian embassy with a different company Invitation letter.

    Is there any Interview for Latvia visa?

    How long should I wait to apply for a visa after getting rejected by France tourist visa?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you
  • @jawad1113
    Why are you going to Latvia if the company has a completely different business to yours, on what basis are you invited? If you have no business connection your visa can be refused.
    You dont have to wait after a visa refusal you can apply at any time.
  • Actually I am going to deal through the inviting company, if our deal fixed then we will pay 1% to the inviting company. We will write all these details in cover letter. Please advise whether to proceed for business visa or to apply for tourist with family. If tourist which country to apply?

    Thank you
  • @jawad1113
    You need to decide what you want to do. A business deal in Latvia or taking your family on holiday. I cant make that decision for you.
  • hello , I'm very glad to discover this forum, I've read a lot of comment questions and answers in the forum concerning Schengen visa refusal but I'm still have a question
    I had applied for visiting a friend living in Belgium in June 2017 and he is sponsoring my stay but it was denied due to many things. and then of my friends told me she applied for Spain tourism visa she got it and advice me to apply also and from spain I can to Belgium to see my friend. I have used the same agency she used and the list of documents she have used but the visa was denied ( Object and conditions are not justified ) my questions are
    1 how many time can I apply if the visa still denies

    2 I fear now of shopping visa issued, my question is I have apply for Belgium for summer holidays it refused and 3 months later I applied for Spain for next February for holidays but it was denied too. am I doing visa shopping ? and I am planning to reapply for Belgium again in future

    3 they gave me the stamp of denied in my passport so i want to do a new but is till one 1year to expire so i want to a new before reapply

    4 the object of the stay should i write it on paper the reason and everything on paper and sign it by my self? and what the conditions of stay mean?

    thank you
    i'm sorry it's too long
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