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Cruise to Russia with a UK criminal record

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Please can someone give me any advice. I have been so stupid and am facing a drug driving charge. I have a cruise booked from UK and it will be visiting st Petersburg for a day. Will I be able to go or will I have to cancel my cruise


  • I should add that I haven’t been charged yet, awaiting blood test results. I know I’m so stupid
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    You do not say when the cruise is. If you have not been charged then it has not been to court .
    At the present time I assume you are on bail. If you go on the cruise while on bail you will have no problems. Your problems will start if you are found guilty because then you will have a criminal record.

    However British citizens do not need a visa to enter Russia when they are on a cruise. They are allowed to enter for 72 hours visa free. So no one will know about your drug problem as you do not have to apply for a visa.
    So you do not need to cancel your cruise.
  • Thank you for responding. The cruise is in June but I expect to hear if I’m being charged in February some time. What will happen to my cruise if I am convicted? I’m not concerned about me i know I’ve ruined my life but it’s just I’m going with someone else and don’t want them to have an awful time or lose heir money
  • @idiotgirl
    As I said in my previous post. You do not have to apply for a Russian visa as British citizens can go ashore visa free when you are on a cruise. So you do not have to divulge any criminal record.
    You have not ruined your life. You made a stupid mistake. You did not murder someone.
    Its very scary for you at the moment but your solicitor should be offering you some good advice. Even if you are convicted as a first offence your sentence should be light.
    Go one your cruise it is something to look forward to at this awful time. Needless to say lay off the drugs.
  • Thank you for our advice. I hope you are right, I am so ashamed of myself
  • @idiotgirl
    You can check with the cruise line to confirm you do not need a visa.
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