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BTA fee

Does anyone know a man by the name of Jeremy Moyes email jeremymoyes111? I've been talking to him through text, email and phone since April 2017. He claims to be an Environmental Engineer working on a oil rig in the Mediterranean Sea. He says his father died when he was young, his sister die during kidney surgery when she was 29 and his mother died in 2001. He said he has a son named Kelvin who is going to a boarding school in Florida who is 15 now. He's talked about these BTA fees so I looked them up and found this website. If anyone has heard about or talked to them I want to hear your stories.


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    I can tell you now without doubt that this person you are talking to is a scammer who is after money.
    BTA ( Basic Travel Allowance) is a scam to get money from people like you. It is sometimes called PTA (Personal Travel Allowance)
    Jeremy Moyes does not exist he is a scammer who is grooming you to defraud you of money
    Even his life story is typical of a scammer.
    Block this person and do not send any money
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