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Visiting the UK with a Dutch valid residence card

Hello everybody!

My husband and I would like to visit some friends in the UK. I don't have a problem since I am an EU citizen. My husband is Egyptian and holds a permanent residence card issue by the Dutch authorities.
Does he need a visa to visit the UK? Or with a valid residence in an EU member he can travel freely to another EU member?

I found this on the UK visa immigration website but I just want to make sure I understand it right:

If you are a non-EEA national who holds a valid genuine residence card, issued to you as the family member of an EEA national who is exercising free movement rights in another EEA State (i.e. not your EEA relative’s Member State of nationality) under Article 10 of Directive 2004/38/EC (the ‘Free Movement Directive’), you may use this document for travel to the UK if you are accompanying your EEA national relative here, or joining your EEA national relative in the UK.

3. Evidence you need to bring in addition to your residence card

In order to be admitted to the UK, we would expect to see the following in addition to your valid residence card:
•your valid passport
•evidence that you are the family member of an EEA national (for example, your marriage certificate or birth certificate)

So with his residence card and our marriage certificate would it be enough to be admitted to the UK? Or do I need a visa? I just want to make sure we don't have any problem at the airport when we leave and when we enter the UK.

If a visa is needed. what kind of visa? a tourist? a family member of an EU member??

Many thanks in advance for your support!!



  • @Luna
    Your husbabd needs to apply for a UK visa. The visa is free of charge and should be issued quickly.
    Without a UK visa your husband would not be allowed to board a plane, train etc as UK is not in the Schengen zone
    You would face a long delay at any UK border if he arrived without a visa while the validity of his documents were verified.
    The visa process is straight firward and he cannot be refused a visa.
  • Thanks Alethia.

    What kind of UK visa? A visit/tourist Visa or an EEA family permit?

    If you mean the EEA family permit ( which is the only one I have found to be free), besides his passport, and evidence of our marriage, what other documents would you recommend that we present to the authorities?

    Forgot to mention that my husband residence card is an Article 10 residence card under EU Law , not sure if that will make any difference here ( but being under EU law makes a huge difference in other aspects) but I thought I would add that info just in case.

    Thank you so much again for your support! I think after we know what would be best to bring to the authorities we will be ready to apply for the permit.

    Kind regards
  • @Luna
    For your information there is only one type of EU residence card your husband does not hold anything special.
    You apply for a family residence permit.
    You could provide evidence of your accomodation and travel plans. Your bank statements for the last three months to show you have funds for your trip.
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