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Iran embassy in thailand : refuses to give certificate of eligibility to marry

My boyfriend and I would like to get married in thailand
i have canadian and iranian citizenship. living in canada
my boyfriend has iranian citizeship living in iran
and my father is not giving his blessing to this marriage. for this reason we are trying our best to get married abroad. we're considering thailand or turkey.

we called the iranian embassy in thailand. we told them we want Certificate of No Impediment/Certificate of Capacity to Marry/Certificate of Celibacy/Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry as this is required by not only thailand but by most foreign countries where foreigners would like to marry in.

they started asking questions about me.
they said i am considered as an iranian national. and since its my first time getting married, they will need a letter from my father giving his blessing to this marriage. otherwise they will not give the certificate of eligibility to marry to my boyfriend.

i will be getting my certificate using my canadian passport. i read on a different site that if we want to save time, my boyfriend obtains the certificate in iran

has anyone done this process in thailand please help



  • @olivesaregood
    I just answered your question identical to this regarding a wedding in Turkey.

    Why are you so intent on making life difficult for yourself when there is no need. I repeat the same response you DO NOT need to tell the Iranian embassy you are a dual national.
    You are marrying under Thai law and need only an affidavit from Canada or the Canadian embassy.

    Yes your fiance can obtain the certificate of eligibility from Iran he states if asked that he is marrying a Canadian. Not all people of iranian descent have dual nationality. You are NOT required to admit to dual nationality
    I repeat again this is not the first time this has cropped up on this forum
  • thank you so much for your reply Alethia it has reassured me a lot :)
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