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Tunisia residency requirements

edited January 25 in World Wide
Im new here i just want yo ask about the requiremnts of residency visa in tunisia i married tunisian man here in saudi arabia what are requiremnts to prepare?

And what are requirements to registry our marriage in tunisia also..


  • @crispy
    You do not say what is your nationality. Its difficult to advise you without that important information.
  • @crispy ....your marriage to a tunisian gives you the right for permanent residency. This is called carte de sejour. You can have this from the embassy or from any police station in Tunisia. You will need your original birth certificate, marriage contract and a paper written by your husband stating his support. There is a form to complete. You should get temporary residency initially for 3 months and then 2 years. Hou must apply for renewal every 2 years. I have based this information that ylu have a legal marriage contract and not an orfi or islankc marriage both of which are illegal here.
  • @crispy
    I asked about your nationality as you may require a visa to enter Tunisia before you can apply for residency.
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