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How safe is Brazil? Do's and don'ts?



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    Hello everyone!

    I lived in Brazil for 16 years, I'm 33 now. I'm half Brazilian and half Polish. Well, definitely Brazil in not a safe country. Off course there is a normal life going on there. I mean in Brazil a lot of people never got in touch the local violence and they are living a normal life. I was robbed already 3 times in Brazil. The last time my house was robbed by a group of fully armed trollers. I was inside in my house with my mother and 3 more people. They closed us in my room, got everything they could and left. The Police couldn't do to much and to be honest the Police does not care that much about violence, cause this is common here for them and they are kinda involved in all this sh...t. So, it is not easy to live in Brazil for longer. But if you want to travel, visit then this is a totally different story :) I would always recommend Brazil for everyone. This is just the best place to travel. You just need to avoid to travel without plan in Brazil. Is better to book all your tickets, hostel or hotel before travelling to Brazil. You can use a very well known and safe website: They have the English version also and you can write them to help you with your plan. Well, off course try to find as much information about Brazil, maps, local city tips and may try to find some Brazilian friends on facebook. You know, the more you search you can travel better and safe!
  • Well, do you know how many people were murdered in Brazil along 2012? 52.000 people! Do you know how many murders were not officialy registered? about 8.600. So there were about 60.000 murders just in a single year. I hope you can have an idea of how safe is Brazil! Ah, take this tip: take care with pickpockets in the streets. These criminals  are usually teens and here they are not punished by laws. Yeah, you´ve read right: criminals teens are not punished by brazilian laws. At the most, I wish God protect you in Brazil!
  • Not safe at all. I´m brazilian and don´t feel safe here. 2014 is the worst year to come here. Do not come.
    If you HAVE to come, stay in contact with local friends before coming. Women please, do not travel alone. I wish lucky to you all, God bless you. 
  • I also thought that South America is generally dangerous but recently I had a couple of friends staying in Colombia for a year. According to them it is not that dangerouos if you know where to go and where don't. Of course, it is highly probable that you will be shot while visiting some particulary danegerous neighbourhoods but still, it is possible for two young ladies to survive a year without any particular harm;)
  • I'm brazilian, i've been traveling to many countries, Brazil is by far the most dangerous place i know. We have beautiful places, but you want to come, take care, mainly in big cities, criminals are really cruel and evil, they kill for no reason.
    Never walk or drive alone during the night.
    The south is safer, clean, and beautiful, people are polite and educated, but during the winter (may to august) its cold, but can be even better in the mountains.
    Brazil is not just soccer, sex and carnival, in the south we have a wonderful beaches, mountains and amazing and safety cities.
    Rio is really beautiful, but if i were you i will to another and safety place.
  • Now a days cities like Fortaleza, Recife, Natal and Maceio are more dangerous then Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, due to the low education level.

  • I'm actually from Rio but I have a friend who lives in the area. And I
    guess you'll be as safe there as anywhere. But don't worry too much
    about you safeness. Brazil is really not as dangerous as it's pictured.
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    Generally Brazilians don't wear anything that shows wealth. This includes expensive watches, trainers, handbags and phones. You should do the same. Also, make sure you don't carry a lot of money on you, just enough for the day. I wouldn't recommend taking the bus at night. It is safer to take a taxi. Do leave your documents, including your passport at the hotel or in a safe place. Carrying a copy of your I.D should be okay. 
    I've written a blog post about this 

  • I am completely agreed to Kattyfluentglobe 'While in Roam do the Roman's'. Your safety almost depends upon you how you show yourself among the others. Showing your richness may lead you to danger. So Enjoy very wisely. 
  • hi, 
    being a young girl traveler, i wanted to know if the city chapeco is safe?
    and any important things that i should keep in mind while travelling.
  • Hi i tend to go traveling round all over the place to see what situations I get in for the rush and also the love of seeing the world ....I go with nothing but few clothes and money that is well hidden....I almost got kidnaped in the Dominican and at the same time the most scariest moment of my life one of the most adrenaline packed experiences I have had ... Am gonna take a chance and walk about into the heart and see how Long it is before I have trouble I have nothing to rob so can someone advise me on there thoughts on how long i would last before I get trouble or do you think a white man can just cut about where ever if he has nothing to lose ...
  • Whatever you're drinking... please order me a case.

    Muchas gracias amigo.


  • I'm planning on travelling to the state of Minas Gerais, is there anything I should be aware of before flying out? How safe is Diamantina and Belo Horizonte compared to major cities?
  • One of the most dangerous place in the world.
  • @madami2000 please do not make statements that scaremonger without backing them up.. @Tkohi asked a question please answer the question.

    Diamantina is a UNESCO World Heritage site, Belo Horizonte is a modern city which co- hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

    This is the latest report on safety and teavel from the British Government, these reports are very reliable.

    Also this is a very interesting article written by an expat living in Bel Horizonte
    I hope you have a very good trip
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    As a Belgian expat I have been living in Salvador / Bahia / Brazil for a decade now.
    Surely there are security issues, but be honest with me ... nowadays what large cities in the world have no security issues at all ?
    Take Europe for instance, with the recent migration from Syrian, Irakies, Iranians, Afgans, etc ... has Europe become a safer place ?
    I learned to integrate here and may consider myself a 'soteropolitano' (inhabitant of Salvador, a city of +4mil inhabitants) who has found his way around.

    If you are really concerned about your safety in Brazil let me tell you there is one simple rule to preserve yourself from danger : BE DISCRETE under all circumstances.
    Surely if you are waving around your iphone or tablet to take pictures, wearing necklaces, expensive handbags, etc ... you will possibly attract troubles
    But if you keep discrete nobody will bother about you.

    Feel free to visit my Salvador & Bahia information page :

    Tropical greetings

  • I have only heard bad things. Couples getting mugged at knife point, tourist buses getting stopped and everyone robbed as a matter of course. Some tourist operators even in cahoots with the muggers. My male friend was repeatedly robbed at gunpoint and knifepoint but then he was a typical Aussie male who would have stood out from the crowd. Some females I have spoken to said they were fine but they also looked like they could be from Brazil. All in all, I wouldn't chance going there, there are other beautiful places to see with less risk. I would also feel less safe with a male partner as they get targeted!
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    Hiya, some good tips! We just posted this up on our blog, and some of you may find it interesting! Happy travels !
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