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UK-Tunisian Divorce

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Id like to enquire about my divorce from my tunisian husband. We have lived in Uk 1 year but divorced legally in Uk as he signed papers. This was cca 5 years ago. Now he emails me to say why i didnt sign divorce papers sent from tunisia as he needs to divorce there too. I moved address so never got any papers and have not been in touch with him last 4-5years. Do i need to do this? As far as i am concerned we are divorced here. I just dont want to be in touch with him anymore.
I read that he can do this without me easy so not sure why would he be contacting me..
Can anyone advise if i have to even respond to him?
Thank you all


  • @dasha083
    You do not need to sign anything from Tunisia. You are legally divorced and your ex knows it, he does not need anything from you to divorce in Tunisia.
    Do not respond to him. How could he contact you after all this time? I suggest you block him and have no further contact.
  • Thank you very much for this Alethia. that’s what I wanted to hear. Much appreciated :)
  • @dasha083 , @Alethia is 100%correct. Your UK divorce is legal in Tunisia and he knows it. He did not send you any papers. I am sure that he has a copy of the divorce papers but never had this put on nis birth certificate. Perhaps he wants to re marry and has lost the papers but he can apply himself for copies. Ignore him.
  • Hi both
    Thanks for the advice.
    Well I received another email from him. After this my husband sent him an email about him harassing me and to stop it or we will report him. He just now responded to my husband to say this:
    “I wasn’t trying to make a big deal here or anything I was trying to ask her to sign divorce paper from Tunisia as I have to make a case to divorce over there and also I can not just have the decree absolute I’m also married here and I’m not trying to threaten anyone really, or as well All I need maybe an email written by her saying that she hands over the case to another lawyer I can provide the name so like this I can carry on my divorce I tunisia as I’m totally serious we are still married in Tunisia law even though we have divorced here in uk. Hope you understand.”

    So, turned out he is married again here but still dont know why he needs me to sign anything ..(maybe he cant bring his new wife to tunisia with him)... what Do you think I should do? Should I just send the email to his lawyer? Seems to be the easiest thing to get rid of him.
    Thank you for advice again
  • edited January 21
    This is really weird. Did your Tunisian ex husband receive a copy of the British decree absolute?
    If so your divorce is recognised in Tunisia. For example if you wanted to marry again in Tunisia then you would produce your British divorce decree absolute and it would be accepted. You are not still married under Tunisian law.
    Your exhusband is not asking you to just contact his solicitor he wants you to spend money by instructing your own solicitor.
    Read the section where it states "..all I need maybe an email written by her saying she hands over the case to another lawyer"....
    Your ex husband simply needs to go to a Tunisian notaire. They can send you a court invitation. If you dont turn up your ex will be granted a divorce.
    Read this thread on the same subject you will see what I mean @lesley has lived in Tunisia for many years and I am a retired UK lawyer.
    By the way your husband is not lawfully married he has done a nikah (religious wedding) and he wants to divorce you in Tunisia to marry her legally as only civil marriage is recognised in Tunisia.
    You ex must be the only Tunisian male who does not know how to obtain a Tunisian divorce.
  • Hi Alethia,
    Thanks again. We actually got married in Tunisia, then I got him visa for Uk, lived with him a year here in Uk but then he left and I never heard of him. I applied for divorce here in UK and he signed everything. He probably lost his decree absolute or I dont know.. seems strange.. anyway my hubby again responded to him today to say I am willing to respond to an email from a lawyer that I am willing for any divorce to proceed but I am only agreeing to send one email and cover no costs. After this i do not want any more contact with him. Failing for him to do so I will withdraw my cooperation.
    Havent heard from him yet so will see what happens...
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