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Advice for Schengen visa to Belgium for Indian woman

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Hello, expert i m shraddha female from india, and applied for belgium schengian tourist visa along with my mother and cousin but as i hve got the first appointment so i had submitted my application on date 12.01.2018,belgium consulate vfs office mumbai after two days i hve got cal from belgium consulate then same day recieved regret message that my visa pplication number is on hold as application is not completed and they required two more documents:- ( Mention Below)

1. My prepaid hotels bookings during my entire stay at belgium which is non refundable, non cancellable , not from any booking side and direct from hotel confirmation only accepted and credit card guarantee is not enough.............though i had booked my hotel reservation through credit card( credit card no was given to hotel ) as hotel only take on the spot payment and also they have cancellation and refundable policy whcih they could not change.

2. my cousin and my mother valid schengen visa copy.( As i had told u ealier at that time even they didnt applied as they hve got their appointment date of 17jan 2018 from delhi ambassay).

At the tyme of document submision i had submitted my complete documents with cover letter,dual signed passport copy,medical insurance covered overeas short trip, my itinary where had mention clearly my purpose of visit and with whom i intend to travel their names relationship with them and their passport numbers,country and places where i m planning ti visit other then belgium its france, germnay and neetherland, my 6 month salary slip, my company offer letter, my 3 months bank statement,my fixed deposit in nationalised bank, NOc letter from the employer,confirmed flight booking from both the side( piad and non refundable),confirmed hotel reservation,cash which i will carry and internation debit card ,but still my application has been on hold.

as my hotel where i booked my rooms for my stay during my short trip was a 3 star motel in brussels and they dont have non cancellation , non refundable and prepaid booking option, so when recived my hold status mail and the the documnets which consulate was asking ( As i hve got confuse) i had word with belgium consulate at mumbai regarding the same prepaid booking point that i spoke to hotel management and they refused to accept prepaid payment as they have a policy of refundable, cancellation and on the spot payment and cant change and than consulate ask to me that i can book other accomodation that to a similar 3 star (which is again costly and risky to pay lum sum amount as their was no surity to get visa, after prepaid non cancellation refundable booking asallready we spent huge amount in tickets and insurance Which is non refundable) so with this thought my mother and cousin applied with the same papers and itinary and after 3 days of thier submission they didnt recived any response from the consulate so today we went to the staus upadte and found that their application has been sent for further assement to belgium consulate of immigration belgium.

out ticktes are alraedy booked for 4 april and 18 april confimed paid booking. now dont undersatnd what to do should i withdraw applications and apply with fresh application and need to wait, does withdrwal will affect out new application, pls suggest reallly worried.

( As we are first time traveller and we 3 females were going to overseas and one of them my mother she is 57 yrs so for the safer side we had booked are hotel from 14 to 18 april at brusseles 3 star hotel, and out of two days we had plan to visit paris and amstederm with hotel booking, the sole purpose was our safety and my mother health to booked our hotels in running and ambassay said dunt u think its costly)

please help with advise




    Its onvious you have not been abroad before or you would not have booked a motel. You need to find another hotel in which to stay or your visa will be refused
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    Hi Alethia thnx For your reply but my application status stated “on hold” and I got your point but consulate has asked me two furnished one more document other thn paid stay and that is my mother and cousin valid Schengen visa copy but as of now my mother and cousin also received the msgs that their applications has been sent to Belgium in migration office for “”Further Assessment “” and I do not know how much time process will take and what does this Further assismeht exactly And on other side our passports are with consulate ....Can we withdraw our application at this stage and apply as fresh applicants with paid bookings if I do so can I get my visa and this was the only reason of my application hold .... and my cotraveller further Assessment.... or if we apply with fresh application is this previous status will affect on our new one application result pls guide
    You may be better off withdrawing the 3 applications and start again with hotel bookings that can be confirmed.
  • Thanx Althea you mean our previous visa application doesn’t reflect any negative affect on our new applications .... and we will get visa as after submitting documents and verification cl from consulate .... they hve asked me to produced two documents paid booking of entire Belgium stay and mother and cousin valid visa copy ..

    Means they were ohk with rest of my papers and documents as prepaid non refundable and non cancellation booking will block my huge money including my flight tickets and insurance amount .... it will be a great loss if we do not get visa .
    You do not have to pay the full amount of the hotel you simply need to show a confirmed reservation. If you did this through a reputable travel agent instead of trying to do things you dont understand you would be better off.
    Because the Embassy were waiting for further documents does not mean the visa would be granted
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