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Must women wear headscarves in Kuwait?

Hi everyone, my partner and I are travelling to Kuwait on business (business for me, leisure for her, lol), and I am wondering how strict Kuwait is. I know it is supposed to be very liberal but I just don't know if she must wear a hijab or niqab or just a scarf over her hair. I don't want to run into any trouble when we are there.


  • @BruQue
    Although it is an Islamic country there is no dress code in Kuwait and western women are not expected to cover their heads.
    However it is a conservative country so women should not wear provocative clothing when outside.
    Your partner should cover her knees and shoulders when outside the home or hotel. Shopping malls are air conditioned and may feel chilly so a shawl or cardigan might help
    If she will be swimming your partner may want to buy a one piece swimsuit.
    Thats about it.
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    Thanks, @Alethia I was also wondering. Good hint about the one-piece swimsuit, I think that would make me feel more comfortable.
    What is life like for Arabic women in Kuwait? Can they choose to not wear headscarves?

  • @ForeverWandering
    Kuwaiti women often wear western clothes and are not forced to cover there heads.
    Most Kuwaiti women bow to tradition and wear the thin black cloak known as an aba.
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