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Return after deportation

My girlfriend was deported in December of 2016. I have since gone to the Philippines and married her. I am a contractor with the Army here in Korea. We have her paperwork for a military ID to get an A-3 military visa after she arrives here on a tourist visa. We will be applying for her tourist visa at the Korean Embassy in Manila this week. I am curious to what her chances are since it has only been over a year since she was deported and the ban is normally 5 years. I hope her being married to me now and having her now on my military orders will help her getting approved to come. Any information would be appreciated.


  • I don't understand how your status as a foreigner in Korea has anything whatsoever to do with Korean Immigration regulations, but good luck.

  • @dbglodowski
    Your wife was deported from Korea and she is now banned. I doubt very much if she will be granted a tourist visa as she will be banned for a minimum of 2 years. It depends on the type of deportation a 68-1 or a 46-1.
    I agree with @CheersTerry I too dont understand how your status as a foreigner in South Korea can help her.
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