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Indian marrying tunisian women

Iam an indian citizen wants to get married to my fiancee from tunisia i want to know what is procedure for an indian to get married to a foreigner and what about her visa for stay in india or as a proof of marriage certificate if i married in tunisia. Thank you waiting for your reply.


  • @Arsh
    I suggest you marry in India as you wont able to marry in Tunisia. I refer to my response to your other posts.
  • Thank you but her parents wantd me to get martied in tunisia so what i can do i heardthat tourist visa for india is expented but we need to show is bank balance ,hotel confirm booking and return ticket
  • Hello Arsh,

    That’s not a big issue, I have two questions for you

    where do you live ?

    What’s your religion ?
  • Hi nice to meet you sir my parents and all we are from india andhra pradesh hyderabad and now im in Philippines studying doctorate in medicine
    My religion is islam
  • Cool, reason for asking details: You need certificate that states that you are Muslim.

    And yes it’s important to have confirmed fight and hotel reservations.

    Go ahead and apply for tourist visa, keep timelines for April or May, as that’s the vacation time.

    Consulate needs additional documents which you get from their website.
  • My tourist visa has been rejected 2 times for no reason and now from october 1st 2017 it has made on arrival but we need to show hotel confirmed book so can i know for example if i want to stay there for 2 weeks and if i book hotel for 2 weeks it will be so expensive so can i show hotel confirmation for 2 or 3 days only so for entry and extent my return ticket. Is it possible @mozak @Alethia
    @mozak is religion certificate is needed or if i have birth certificate thats enough?
  • @Arsh
    You do not have to pay for the hotel you just make a confirmed reservation at the hotel. A travel agent can make the reservation and give you written confirmation. Once your in Tunisia you cancel the reservation. Does your fiances family know any one who works in a hotel who can help with this? They dont seem to ve doing very much.

    Your birth certificate is required but you must have a certificate from the Imam at the mosque you attend confirming you are a Muslim. You cannot marry without this certificate. @Mozak already told you this.
  • @Alethia if i would like to stay for 2 weeks then i need to show is confirmation of hotel booking and i can cancel after entering tunisia but the main thing is also i should show bank balance according to your knowledge can you please tell me that how much bank balance i should have to bring there to show ?
  • @Arsh
    I know you will cancel the hotel reservation but you need to show enough money to pay the hotel bill. If you are showing a hotel reservation you should budget for about $50 / 40 Euros a day spending money.
  • I contacted Consulate of tunis in Montreal , they said indians need visa before arriving.

    Please confirm with Consulate or embassy of Tunis first.

    Carry cash: $ 1000, for your expenses minimum for 15 days.
    Going to lac 1 or lac 2 for lunch or dinner or coffee will cost around 30- 70dinar per couple.

    Bank statement : I would recommend $ 5k - 10 k.

    Hotel: some hotels have policy of returning money if you cancel prior to 24 hours.
    I would recommend look for hotels with refund policy and book for all 14 days and after arrival. Stay for one day and cancel the rest.
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