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Saudi looking for advice on how to get French tourist visa

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Respected expert.

Good day to you all.

I am looking for general advise to apply for france tourist visa in saudi arabia.

I work with a well reputed company since 10 years after achieved my career goal now im free to see the world.. So im trying to apply for france tourist visa further to be noted tthat i am pamistani passport holder and this gonna be my first tour to EU.. before move forward i got this foram where many people have got the best advise hence the same i looking too.

-I work with company since 10 years
-Have no intentions to not come back as i have settled job.
As per france visa requirment i can provide all below .

1. Filled visa application form + photos
2. Introduction letter from employer stated my profission + salary + work duration since to present.
3.confirmed air france return ticket.
4. Confirmed hostel room booking ( bastel hostal in paris)
5. Travel insurance cover my stay
6. Exit re-entry permissionon to saudi Arabia.
7. Current account bank statment. ( this account. I have since 10years)
8. Credit card statement ( credit card i ha esince 3years)

Further i would like to add a cover letter to my application which will cover the purpose of my trip day by day from the date of departure to the date of return to my work place country. My visit destination is only paris france and things to do in paris only as my trip will be only 4days.
Question i want to ask here

1. should i add ccover letter or not as it is not under the list of requirement but i have seen in many blogs discussion its good do add to file so advise about it pls?

2. Should i need any thing else to add or not ?

3. Should i do confirmed reservation by myself through my credit card for airline ticket and hotel or should i do it by an agent ?

4. If you expert have any further advise for me i shall be thanks full cuz I dont want to be in refused list i afraid of it alot.

Your people reply will be highly appreciated..

"God bless you all"

Note: i can send my cover letter trough mail if any one expert would like to review it.


  • @Nasir055
    You dont need to do a cover letter its just polite to put one in but it should be very brief.
    You should defnitely ask a travel agent to make the reservations and provide a travel itinerary of flights hotel etc.
    I really dont think you can show much more. Does your salary go directly to the bank ?
    If you have wage slips put them in also for past three months.
    Good luck
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    Yes since 10 years my salary go to the same account directly.. So as per your advise i should not book hotel or flight ticket? If i do by myself it will not cost me so much but if it done by an agent it cost me double.. I thought to use my credit card by my self but any how let me follow your advise .. I will surely confim my ticket and hotel through an agent.

    Is there any risk for rejection my visa if i book ticket & hostel?
  • @Nasir055
    You can book it yourself and save money but you do not have to pay for flights and hotels before the visa is granted you just make reservations
  • edited January 27

    As per "vfsglobal" i called them and asked them they said confirm ticket and accommodation must be provided.. On the Other hand im afraid if visa not granted money gone.. But in check list the word confirm also mentioned..

    Thanks for your kind an an expert advise .. Stay bless.
  • edited January 27
    Confirmed does not mean you have for everything.
  • edited January 27

    thanks you .. i get it now..

  • @Nasir055
    Thats a great letter but please remove "the god bless you" at the end of the letter as it not really suitable in a business style letter.
    Good luck let us know how you get on
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    Respected expert

    am working in riyadh as family uncle living in France and my uncle told me to visit him can i get visa to france?
  • edited January 27
    tell your uncle to send you sponsor paper or letter, than follow the embassy requirement checklist you will be in france yahoooooooooooooo!
  • Thank u so much and more thing am not well salary person is this problem?
  • @Alethia

    would you pls advise me one thing more.. again one friend advise me that france rejection visa ratio is higher than italy.. better to apply for italy but i love to enjoy my holidays in france paris what should i do .? as im pakistani citizen and working in saudi arabia since 10 years. should i go for my choice country france or should i review my friend suggestion. he confused me again.
  • edited January 28
    You friend is talking nonsense.
    All Schengen countries have the same rules.All Schengen countries process visas the same way
    All Schengen countries share VIS (visa information system)
    That is they share information on all people who apply for a visa. This information is linked when your biometrics are taken.

    Here are the visa statistics from 2016. France had over 3 million applications more than twice as many as Italy but they both refused a similar number of visa.Your friend does not know what he is talking about
  • @Alethia

    yeah this is what i think .. more people had apply for visa to france than italy.. even i told him if i provide all my documents and assure them i am going only for tourist visa how possible they will reject. even i have strong rootedness to my company where i have my 10 year services benefit how can i not come back. than he said okay than go so for france.

    every discussion with you motivate me and im thanks full for that.. thanks you once again.
  • @Alethia

    Can i apply for asylum after legal arrival in EU through visit visa ? pls advise
  • @Nasir055
    You can apply for asylum but you are likely to be fast tracked and removed back to your home country.
  • edited January 31

    You mean apply for assylum and back home should not stay there at the country where asylum applied??

    Is it possible they will grant me assylum as such .. Incase i leave EU after assylum will they contact me to my residential country. If they contact me how i will appear for interview to get TRP.?

    Explain pls
  • @Nasir055
    You can apply for asylum and you will be interviewedd and processed.
    You need to remember that when you apply for a visa you give bank statements, proof of employment or your business, family and ties to your country. To apply for asylum you must have a fear of persecution this alone is not enough to get a right to asylum. The persecution must be done “on account of” your race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a social group.
  • Thanks

    And i appreciate your advise..
  • @Alethia
    Would you pls comments regarding the article point "d" which i highlighted in bold.

    according to the “Dublin Regulation 3” there are the following exceptions:

    a) the “clauses of discretionality” (the “sovereignty clause” and the “humanitarian clause”) stipulate that, for specific individual situations, the application for international protection must be evaluated not by the first country of arrival, but by the country where the asylum seeker actually wants to apply;

    b) if 12 months after your arrival in Italy you have not yet applied for asylum, you do not have to apply in Italy, because Italy is not responsible for your asylum application;

    c) if you arrived in Italy, did not apply for asylum and there is evidence that you stayed for at least 5 consecutive months in another country of the European Union before applying for international protection, this country has to examine your application;

    d) if a close relative of yours (i.e. husband, wife, father, mother, son/daughter) has already been granted international protection in another country of the European Union, you can apply for asylum in this country asking for family reunification (ricongiungimento familiare) To do so, your relatives have to make a written request to the Italian state; if you are a minor (under 18 years old) you can ask for family reunification in the country of the European union where you have one or more relatives, such as father, mother, brother, sister, son/daughter (minor), uncle, aunt, grandmother.
  • @Nasir055
    I assume this is related to another thread where you asked:-
    " My brother in law is an italian national "holding italian passport" he said to me.. once my wife arrive in italy she can forward an application to the authorities that she would like to live with her brother in italy so my wife can get the indefinite nationality on behalf of her brother who is italian passport holder and living in italy since 10 years.

    Dublin Regulation 3 Paragraph D states:
    If a close relative of yours (i.e. husband, wife, father, mother, son/daughter) has already been granted international protection in another country of the European Union, you can apply for asylum in this country asking for family reunification (ricongiungimento familiare)

    Your brother in law was not granted International Protection in another European country, he has lived in Italy the whole time and is now an Italian citizen. Therefore his sister (your wife) does not meet the criteria of paragraph D

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