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Confirmation of Divorce

Hi, I married my Tunisian husband on 1st November 2012 in Hammamet Tunisia. He came to the UK on a spouse visa in November 2013, but returned to Tunisia in July 2014. Since this time we have had no contact. Last year , I received a letter in Arabic from the "Maitre Aicha Ben Amor at Hussier de Juctice in Monastir". Can you please tell me how I can find out if I am divorced. I received the letter nearly a year ago and mentioned the date 04/07/2017. I only received one letter.

Obviously I want to be divorced but have no idea how to find out. My marriage was registered here in the UK. I need to do this as cheaply as possible as my funds are very limited and it has been nearly 4 years now since we separated.

I would be most grateful for any help and advice you can give me.


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    Since1 January 2014, the British General Register Office (GRO) stopped accepting the deposit of foreign marriages

    Please note that there never was any legal requirement to deposit your foreign marriage or civil partnership certificate with the GRO, or to have your marriage/civil partnership registered in the UK. this is irrelevant to your divorce. You need a copy of your ex husbands birth certificate from this you can find out the date of divorce and where it took place. This cannot be given to you directly as you are no longer his spouse, The best way is to hire a Tunisian lawyer to assists you. If you had divorced in the UK instead of relying on your exhusband you would not have this problem.
  • Hi, many thanks for your help. I had planned to divorce in the UK but wasn't sure if I could as we married in Tunisia, it really is very confusing :-(
  • @JackieB
    Its not confusing at all. Your marriage was legally recognised to allow your husband to enter and remain in the UK, you are therefore able to divorce in the UK. You simply had to instruct a solicitor.
  • For me it was confusing. Thank you for being so helpful and friendly.
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