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Sufficient funds to visit UK - immigration requirement?

edited September 2009 in - Britain and Ireland
i need some advice.

My girlfriend has a passport and visitor visa to come to the united kindom, and has been told that she needs sufficient funds to live on, whilst she is here.
What i dont understand is why does she need it as she will be living with me and i will be supporting her.
Can anybody give me advice on this as i am a bit niave about this law.


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    If you wouldn offer more informaiton I will gladly make light of your situation.
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    You could always write a letter for her to bring with her to the UK Border Control Authorities stating your relationship to the lady, the address at which you will both be staying, that you will be at the port of entry to meet her & answer any further questions they have & that you will be responsible for all her living & travel expenses in the UK & will be returning to the port of departure with her to see her off.....That has been known to allay any fears as the onus is then on you as you could then be prosecuted if the lady was to then become a burden on the State.....
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    I am told that sufficiant travel funds are required to leave the UK for entry to the US. Is this true and how much is required
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    My girl friend was told she can't leave the Uk with out sufficient travel fund she comein to Australia and she will Be stay with me im perpared to pay for her.
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    I am an Englishman living in Canada on a landed immigrant status, I do hold a passport which is now out of date and was only used to enter Canada, everything has gone to pot now and I wish to return to my own country , [England ], do I need a new passport to do this or is my old one still good enough to return to england
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