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I was deported from South Korea on 2017 November 7

Hi. In case anyone can help me to solve my problem. I was deported from South Korea on 2017 November 7. I used to be student who studied in South Korea from 2016. On 2017 September 7, I had to extend my sojourn period ( stay permit ) . So I went to the immigration office and submit the required documents. However I submitted false document. The immigration noticed my false document on 2017 November 7 and I was deported on the same day. They told me that I cannot return to South Korea for 5 years. However I really want to go to South Korea because I have a boyfriend there. I really want to see him and cannot be separated. Due to his work ( even on weekend ) he cannot visit me to my country, he also do not have any holiday because he works in a very busy company. I also want to attend university there. Is anyone know how can I enter South Korea ( legally of course ) without waiting for 5 years ? I really need help. I really appreciate if someone can give me any solution. Thank you very much


  • "... They told me that I cannot return to South Korea for 5 years..."

    With all due respect, what part of that do you not understand?

    Good luck with trying to convince Korean Immigration to change their mind, but I highly doubt you will have any luck. They take this very seriously.

  • @joanny

    The submission of false documents with a visa application is a criminal offence. You were most likely deported under section 46 -1 of the Republic of Korea Immigration Control Act.

    As Terry said this is an extremely serious matter.

    There is no way you will be returning to Korea in the next five years in any capacity and you will probably have great difficulty to obtain a visa after that.

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    Hi, Joanny ....
    Its a serious issue but if your boy friend interested to help you then believe me you can easily enter to Korea legally.
    If your boy friend hire a lawyer for your case and prove in court that you are his girlfriend then within few months of legal procedure you can enter to Korea easily but without his help you can't enter in Korea even after five years.
    If you need any assistance then feel free to ask me.
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