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Using social media in China?

edited February 6 in - China
I’m going to China soon for a solo vacation. I was wondering if I could use my social media while in the country. I’ve heard from a friend that all their social media platforms were blocked. Is this actually true?

I’ll mainly be staying in Beijing, but I’d be spending some time in the province too. I don’t really mind if I can’t use my social media account, I just want to know if that’s really not allowed since I might be updating my friends and family of what I’m up to.

Most of the time I’ll be using Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. I also have other messaging tools like Viber and WhatsApp. I just want to know what other apps or sites are blocked in China just so I can prepare alternatives in case I really need it. It would be really nice if you guys could give me answers. Thanks.


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