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Kuta Bali vs Kuta Lombok for surf schools?

edited September 2009 in - Indonesia
I'll be in Indonesia in a couple of weeks and I'm keen on finding a good surf school. I already asked a few of my friends, and everyone said "Go to Kuta". It wasn't until the other day I found out there is more than one Kuta, so now I'm confused as to what is where when it came to al the names of surf schools and companies my friends gave me.

Now that I know about Kuta Bali and Kuta Lombok, can anyone tell me which is better for affordable and not too touristy surf schools? I've never surfed overseas before, let alone heavy reef breaks, but I'm about intermediary as far as my skill level goes.
Anyone got any good surf stories, tips, advice or recommednations to share? Any help would be awesome!
Thanks all :-)


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    Hi Chockhi, I am going to Bali next week for surfing, when are you going to Bali then ? I guess most beginner will surf in Kuta Bali, looks like Kuta Lombok is in another island....

    I might go for 3 days course for centre that located nearby HardRock Hotel.... I guess is USD99.... if you are there, hope we can surf together.
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