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Trip to Ushuaia – highlights and Antarctica?

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I'm in Argentina and at the moment I'm planning a trip to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia. All the information online is the same, can anyone tell me what are some of the best highlights in Ushuaia to see, and also, is it worth trying to organise a trip to Antartcia?
I hear the boat only leaves a couple times a week and only throughout a certain season during the year?

Can anyone shed some light on the situation for me as I need to start booking things soon. I've learnt a little from the few backpackers I've chatted to on my travles, but any other valuable advice would be great!

Thanks everyone


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    Ok, well first of all there are no hotels in Antarctica!! There is no tourist infrastructure there whatsoever, no restaurants, souvenir shops, etc. The only people who ever "stay" there are people who are there for research purposes and so they stay at one of the several bases that are there. There are one or two tour companies that have options available to be able to stay in Antarctica in an ecocamp. Antarctica really is a truly untouched continent. Really worth-visiting, though.
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    Hi, Ushuaia is the southernmost city of the world, with a climate not as hard and rigorous as in the Chilean counterpart, so you can visit Tierra del Fuego at any time of year. Some of its best places to visit are the Train of the End of the World, which started as a train that took prisioners from other parts of the country to the jail in the province, and today it works as a tourism attraction for those who want to see this land; the Lapataia Bay, where you can see a series of geographic formations that are difficult to find all in the same place, such as fiords, snowdrifts, glaciers, lakes, rivers, bays and islands; and of course Antarctica, where you can go between November and March, with tours that last nine days and others that go for two weeks. Camila
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