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Marry tunisia man in tunisia

Hi I'm novita

I have my bf from tunisia and we do serious relationship, we plan to marry. I'm indonésian how to marry tunisia man in tunisia what documents I need to bring.

Thank you.


  • @novita
    You may want to reconsider marrying in Tunisia as you will need to apply for a visa at the Tunisian Embassy in Jakarta and I doubt if you will be granted a visa.

    Your boyfriend can enter Indonesia without a visa and can stay for 30 days so it would be easier to marry in Indonesia

    If you are granted a visa to enter Tunisia you will need the following documents.
    To marry in Tunisia you will require the following:
    1.Your passport
    2 Your birth certificate issued no more than 21 days before the marriage
    3. A document from the Indonesian authorities stating you are free to marry
    4.If you have been married before the death or divorce certificate.
    All these documents must be translated into French ir Arabic
    As Indonesian is an unusual language it may be best to have the documents translated in Indonesiaas you may not find an Indonesian translator in Tunisia
    Once in Tunisia you must both go for blood tests at any Tunisian hospital.
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