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How to divorce my tunisian huband who is in prison in Tunisia

Without going into every detail... i am from the UK and i married my Tunisian husband in Tunisia 4 years ago. He is now in prision in tunisia and i want to divorce him but he wont help in anyway nor will his family. Can i do this from the UK if so how? Or do i have to go there??? We have a 3 year old little girl who is British and has uk passport etc. Many thanks just want this to be over.


  • @emmaroseg91
    Tunisian weddings are legally recognised in the UK. Therefore you can divorce in the UK.
    You do not need to go to Tunisia. Tell the UK solicitor that your Tunisian husband is in prison , (do you know his crime ?) and that you have no address for him and that his family will not help. If you do not know the whereabouts of your husband it means he will not receive divorce documents from the UK and this can speed matters up. Your husbands crime can be used against him especially drugs and violence.

    As for your child she may have a British passport but she is a Tunisian citizen through her father.The minute she sets foot in Tunisia your husband and his family can abduct her and you would have no rights as Tunisia is not a signatory to the Hague Convention regarding abducted children.

    You must tell your solicitor that you fear his family will try to take your child.This is really important, your solicitor can obtain a residence order and prohibitive steps order so that she cannot be removed from the UK.

    There is no legal aid for most divorces but if you live on benefits or a low income the court fees will be free or reduced. All the best
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