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Do I need a plug adaptor when in Cebu? Help!

edited February 14 in - General Asia
I’m from Chicago and I’ll be visiting Cebu in the Philippines for a week. My question is if I need a plug adaptor when I get there. I’ve had a friend who went there and he complained when he arrived that he wasn’t able to charge his iPad because his plug was of a different type than the one they had in the hotel.
Can anyone tell me that type of outlet does Cebu mostly have and probably the standard voltage too. I want to have everything ready when I’m visit because I don’t know where to get stuff around. I’m going to the island parts too and not the city center so it might get harder too. I need all the help I can get. Thanks folks!


  • @matteo36
    Electrical devices from the United States of America work on 120 Volts, but in the Philippines the grid is 220 Volts, this is a substantial difference. So you will need to purchase a travel adaptor before you travel.
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