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Marrying a Tunisian Woman

Hello Everyone,

I am an Indian living in Japan, and intends to marry a girl from Tunisia in Tunisia.
I am single and alhamdulillah ... understands the responsibilty of marriage.

1 have 2 problems to discuss:

1. VISA for Tunisa:

i went to the embassy of Tunisia in Tokyo and wanted to apply for VISA but got the news that INDIANS do not require a VISA anymore from 2017 oct.
i visited my girls place/house in jan 2018, i was kept waiting at the airport for almost 1 hour but at last they gave me the VISA.
i am worried when i will go back to Tunisia for the Contract, if the immigration officer creates some problem it would be a big disaster. This time i will be with my mother and brother.
Any help with this or any suggestions??

2. Documents for Contract:

1.My passport has all the information of the date of birth and the place of birth and nationality. is it okay if i only submit the PASSPORT?
2. I can produce an affidavit saying that i am Single, is it okay if i dont get it attested by the Embassy of tunisia in India. The problem is i live in japan and the embassy in india is a different city than my home town.
3. My School leaving certificate or even my birth certificate says that i am a muslim and Sunni, is it necessary to create another affidavit for the religion?

3. life in Japan:

1. i would like my wife to understand that Japan/tokkyo is completely a different world, people dont speak English, Its quiet everywhere, less people, you dont even know who your neighbour is ..... Any suggestions if she feels lonely or himesick.

I know my girl, but i would like to know on a general basis Girls from tunisia can live in the above said environment ?? Surely i will be there with her everyday before and after work and also on Weekends.... Still i am worried.

Waiting for useful suggestions.

Thank you.


  • @tsy_simon

    Firstly I will address the question of your intended bride to live in Tokyo.
    It is my opinion that she will be desperatly lonely and homesick.
    Tunisians enjoy spending time with their family or friends, they live close to each other and a Tunisian girl is close to her mother and sisters. Before answering this post I checked how many Tunisians live in Tokyo or Japan and I found two and neither live in Tokyo
    Your wife will be like a bird in a cage. What happens if your wife is pregnant at this time and at the childs birth she will need her mother and family This is cruel and selfish to take this young woman from her way of life for your happiness. Your approach is really old fashioned and your happiness is paramount and your wife should be happy to live waiting for you to come home from work
    We have an expert on this forum called @Lesley who has lived in Tunisa for many years. I am sure she will agree with me. Why are you not marrying a girl from India? I am sure a girl from India would be just as unhappy?

    You need to follow the rules to marry in Tunisia which you seem to think you can avoid.
    The affidavit stating you are single can be certified at the
    Tunisian Embassy in Tunis Tunisia
    4 Rue Didon, Place Notre Dame
    Mutuelleville, Tunis 1002
    Phone : +216-71-787-819 , 71-790-968, 71-781-825
    Fax : +216-81-783394, 71-281189
    E-mail : [email protected], [email protected]

    Tunisian marriage requirements state you must have a certificate from an Imam stating you are a Muslim. Translated to French or Arabic
    Your birth certificate must be a certified legal copy issued within 21 days of the wedding day Translated to French or Arabic
    A translation of your passport in French or Arabic
    Its cheaper and possible to make these translations in Tunisia.

    As for your visa, just because announcements are made that Indian citizens can enter Tunisia without a passport does not always filter down to the immigration officers on the ground. As you have entered once you shoukld be ok. I would take with you a copy of the announcement to help your mother and brother.
  • As mentioned by Alethia, Once you have entered Tunisia you should be ok.

    Indian embassy will provide Birth certificate and needs to attested from Tunisia embassy or Ministry.

    For translation and interpreter ( if required ), I have some contacts less expensive.
  • @tsy_simon
    @Mozak is an Indian citizen living in Canada he married his Tunisian wife last year
  • @tsy_simon . I will agree totally with @Alethia .this girl cannot adapt to a life in Japan and if she wears hikes it will be even worse as Japanese are quite racist. You have been to Tunis so you have seen for yourself how we live. If you really want this marriage then you need to consider your wife and the life you will give het
  • thanks for your valuable comments:

    let me answer to some of your queries:

    1. VISA: i am travelling in August again for the contract ... and i will also carry the letter i got from Tunisian Embassy in India. I hope everythinng will go well.

    2. Documents for the Contract:
    i will try and scan all the possible documents and send it to her father so that he can translate it early and get it certified or checked if there is any problem beforehand.

    abuot my girls stay in Tokyo:

    this is the only concern i have, i have talked to her so m any times and she seems to be completely OKAY with it.

    anyways i am thinking of few topics this would work.

    1. send her to a school to learn japanese
    2. let her work at some place where foreigners are required but if i get a really decent work for her. because japan and specially tokyo is a very difficult place and you can get harassed sexually and .. other things very easily.

    i hope this would work.


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