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need info on Tunisian girlfried/marriage

hello Friends,

I want some help regarding tunisian girls and marriage.

i met my girlfriend online, she is 23-24 years old now, single. She has a very good and strong nature, good education in commerce and working in tunisia. we like each other and I am looking forward to marry her.

I met her family once when i visited tunisia. She has never spoken about money to me nor her parents but only in one occasion they have told me pay half the expenditures for the marriage celebrations because in Tunisia the man is responsible for all the expenditures.
Her family is not so poor and not so rich with many relatives settled abroad in FRANCE, GERMANY and USA.

first of all:

I want to know whether i should be cautious or is the condition normal .... or what should i look for when deciding that this is a fraud or something other than love.

I heard that all the expenditures for the marriage celebrations should be done by the man, is this true.
What would be the cost of marriage celebrations with 200-300 people invited?



  • @tsy_simon
    You dont seem to have a very high opinion of your girl friend or her family.
    I doubt very much if these people are trying to scam you, they want a decent husband for their daughter.
    As weddings are very expensive these days usually the bride and grooms family share the costs of the wedding as the girls family have suggested.
    The bridegroom is also expected to buy gifts for the bride, engagement ring and wedding ring
    I would like to know how you think these people can defraud you?
  • Firstly, it’s responsibility of bridegroom to pay all expenses for wedding. Even though they are rich.

    Ofcourse Tunisians like large wedding celebrations and many Tunisian women are marrying other nationality/ origin man, so it’s not a scam.

    Relax and enjoy your wedding without any doubts
  • @tsy_simon . I can't tell you if this is scam or not. However Tunisian families like s good match for their daughters and preference is for wealthy professional man. They don't care where you take her as long as she has the best of everything and can send money home. When you visited they may have spent their last dinar trying to impress you. This is what we do. Guests should be impressed.

    It depends on the region they live as to the traditions of who pays for what and it can be very expensive as you are a foreigner and deemed to be rich
  • Hmmm ....

    thanks for your replies. I love her and and i like her family, her mother treats me very well like my mother. But there is always some doubts created by people around you when you are taking a big step in LIFE. But i am convinced after discussing here and with so many other people that it will be good.

    They are a very decent family, from Bizerte.

    Surely i will buy my fiancee gifts and also giver her, her right of Mahar.

    I hope everything will be fine... and i leave all on God.

    Thanks again.
  • edited March 28
    @tsy_simon , I only just saw this post sorry. Well I would be even more suspicious now.i .live in Bizerte and this is a typical storyfrom here! Nchallah mabrouk and keep your eyes open.

    for you are expected to provide your wife with gold, real gold not including her engagement and wedding ring. Depending on the origin of the family and their traditions you may also be expected to pay a high bride price, the party(ies) and honeymoon. Please understand that our culture is all about show and status. This could end up costing you alot of money which of course is why Oma loves you so much.

    Good luck

  • Hello Lesley,

    its good to know that you are from Bizerte, i have booked my tickets and i am very excited to visit tunisia again.

    i also created all the certificates and documents are ready.

    you are right, about the ring and also about the party price. i am making arrangements for it now.
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