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How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?

edited February 20 in - Thailand
My workmates and I have been planning to go to Thailand for about a year now. We’re finally doing it in two months and we’re doing our individual research about the place and the culture in preparation. I saw in one of the blogs I’ve read that vendors in tourist spots can be quite pushy on what they are selling, and that they had a pretty bad experience with them
How do we turn them down without insulting them or appearing too harsh? The least thing we want to happen is to cause some trouble while in there. What do we do if saying “no thanks” won’t make them back off?


  • @politetraveler32
    Thai street vendors are not any more pushy than vendors in other countries.
    Wear sun glasses, or a hat, dont make eye contact, walk purposely, dont engage with the vendors and say no thank you if you have to and walk away.
    I really dont understand the big fuss and all the research.
  • You're worrying about a non issue. Simply ignore them and move on, same as you would anywhere. No big deal.

    Have a great trip.

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