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Visa for Turkey

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hello i want to plan a holiday with my 3 boys to turkey for 2 weeks in june or july as i want to meet my husband in turkey,he is algerian is it easy for him to get a visa for 2 weeks to turkey as im british so i know it really easy for me to get a visa for most countries without any problems as i would love to take my boys to algeria but there isn't a lot for them to do there and want them to have a nice holiday there first time abroad can anyone give me some info if it possible for my husband to get a visa to turkey


  • @mariahamza
    Unfortunately Maria your husband will need a visa
    He can apply here
  • ok thank you is it hard to get a visa for only holiday the booking will be in my name,but my husband has his own business as he rents a shop as he is baber but if it hard obtaining a visa to turkey for him we will just have to book to go tunis for a holiday
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    I suggest your husband applies for the visa, it may help that he is married to a British citizen and has a British child. The problem is he cannot apply until he has flight and hotel details, which you cannot book until you know his visa will be approved

    You and your children as British citizens must apply on line for a Turkish e visa it costs $20 each and you pay be credit card then print the visa. Its very easy . Make sure you have more than 6 months left on your passport.

    You maybe better going to Tunisia for a holiday.
  • ok thanks and will be new passports for my children and looks that way think i will book few weeks in tunis
  • @mariahamza
    There are some lovely hotels in Hamamet , Sousse and Port El Kantoui that are very suitable for families. Tunis the capital is not really suitable for a family holiday
  • yes i been capital loads off times but only me n my husband but i would book nice family hotel for the kids
  • @mariahamza
    Tunis the capital is in my opinion is not suitable for a family holiday. Your children will be bored no beach or animation or things for children, you find these in the places I mentioned before, Hammamet, Sousse ,Port El Kantoui or Monastir.
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